The Alien Zoo by Adrian Beck

It’s an exciting time for our author friend Adrian Beck who has a written a new series called The Alien Zoo and the first book is ready to hit book shops from this Saturday, July 1st…perfect for reading over the holidays!

The sign on the enclosure wall read: Greepers.
But it should have said: Heaps Of Greepers.
And maybe there should have been a second sign that said:
‘And They’re Flying Straight For You.’

A dead granddad.
A secret alien zoo.
And only two kids to save all its creatures from a terrible fate.

What could possibly go wrong?

Funny, mysterious and a little bit rude, hold on to your hippos and look inside The Alien Zoo!

The Alien Zoo was inspired by Adrian’s visits to the regular zoo with his daughters. Adrian and illustrator, Heath Mckenzie have played with their crazy ideas to make a book that is funny, creative and it’s interactive too…how cool is that! 

Here are Adrian and Heath earlier in the year working on the finishing touches of the The Alien Zoo with their editor….important to get that spelling correct, Adrian!

Hold on to your hippos…get ready to read
The Alien Zoo

If you have a question for Adrian about The Alien Zoo  you can write it in the comment section.


Adrian and Heath are holding a Writing and Illustrating Workshop during the holidays on Monday, July 3rd at The Little Bookroom. Click HERE for more information and to BOOK your spot!

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2 thoughts on “The Alien Zoo by Adrian Beck

  1. Hi Miss Y (that rhymes)

    On Monday I went to Adrian Beck’s workshop.
    It was really fun. The Flurp was disgusting. We made a bowl of soup for Adrian so he could do a
    Flurp burp.


  2. Hi Mietta,

    I’m thrilled to hear you went to Adrian’s workshop. Were there many students from St Martin’s there?

    I was SO excited to find ‘Alien Zoo’ at the airport last Friday. I laughed a lot when reading it and finished the book before I even got on the plane!! I read about the Flurps from Mars that communicate by burps. I don’t think I’d like to smell a Flurp’s stinky burp….Ewwww!

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about Adrian’s workshop and the soup when I get back to school…

    Happy reading, Mietta!

    Miss Y 😊📚

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