Pig the Pug on Holiday

Pig the Pug has become quite a celebrity at our school! Over the past two terms he has gone home for the night with 153 students who have had fun reading him a story, taking a photo with him and some people have even dressed him up as you can see on our #ReadingIsFun page. So when it came to choosing a book character to travel overseas with me the choice was easy…it had to be Pig the Pug! Pig the Pug and I will be travelling together for a month to the USA and Canada as we visit Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Washington.

Our first stop is Seattle, Washington in the USA to meet Mrs Hembree who is the teacher librarian at Cougar Ridge Elementary School. We have been communicating via our library blogs and Twitter since 2011. In fact Mrs Hembree was our Library Angel in Seattle when our library was flooded on Christmas Day in 2011. Using her blog and Twitter,  Mrs Hembree asked other teacher librarians to send books to our library to help replace books we lost with water damage. Mrs Hembree also introduced us to Elephant & Piggie when she sent us two of their books and they are now one of the most popular book series in our library! Mrs Hembree is such an inspiration to me with her Books to Africa Project; the fabulous book trailers she creates and her students do too; her love of books and the way she uses technology in her library. I am very excited about meeting Mrs Hembree and visiting her library…

Watch this slideshow to see photos that Pig the Pug and I will post of our adventures along the way…

Click on the square to make the Slideshow full screen

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16 thoughts on “Pig the Pug on Holiday

  1. Have a wonderful trip Miss Y and have lots of fun with Pig the Pug. Chloe (2VL) and Ruby (PC) Have a lovely time with your friend and a safe trip.

  2. Thank you Bec, Chloe and Ruby,

    Have a wonderful time on your trip overseas too! We can share our travel stories when we all get back to school.

    Safe travels…

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y,
    I am SO looking forward to meeting you in person after all these years! Pig the Pug is such a fun name. When you are here you will have to share the story behind the name. Maybe my students will want to have a visiting friend at Cougar Ridge too!
    See you soon friend!

  4. Hi Mrs Hembree,

    I have some things to share about Pig the Pug with your students. I think they would love having a friend like Pig the Pug visit them so they can read a favourite book to him…

    See you soon!

    Miss Y 🙂

  5. Have a great time Miss Y. Have fun meeting your blogging friend. So exciting! I’m sure you’ll have lots to share. I’m sure Pig the Pug is excited to be going OS too.

  6. Thanks Mrs S,

    Hope you’re well. A mixtures of nerves and excitement here at the moment.

    Pig the Pug is very lucky to travelling overseas…I hope he has packed his best manners!

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. Dear Miss Y,
    Finally this wonderful trip is about to begin. Have a wonderful and safe trip as you travel around.
    Will be visiting your blog and keeping a close eye on your wonderful travels.
    What great company you have with you too. I bet Pig the Pug is so excited because I know I am.

    Huge hug to Mrs Hembree from me. This is one awesome trip I know you will enjoy.

    All the best,
    From AA

  8. Hi AA,

    Thank you for your kind wishes. I will do my best to add photos as Pig the Pug and I travel. I will definitely give Mrs Hembree a huge hug from you! I’m sure I will have one to bring back to you in return…

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Dear Miss Y,
    Wow what wonderful adventures you and Pig the Pug are having!
    Definitely living it up! The flight over the mountains looked like an absolutely spectacular experience!
    Wishing you well for the rest of the adventure.
    Mrs. M from your SMOT team xx

  10. What a wonderful adventure so far Miss Y and you have fitted so much in, even with your little companion Pig the Pug wanting to have his photo taken so much.
    All those wonderful memories.
    Keep on enjoying,
    Marg C

  11. Hi Mrs M,

    Pig the Pug and I have had a wonderful time exploring Seattle and Vancouver! They are both very beautiful places and have so much to see and do. I was very brave going on that flight – it was a 10 seater plane and I had never been on a plane that small!! The views at 8,000 feet over the mountains were spectacular and certainly gave me a different and breathtaking perspective!

    Have a great start to Term 4 with 3M…

    Miss Y 😊

  12. Hi Mrs C,

    Pig the Pug and I are having a wonderful adventure! It has been fun taking Pig’s photos and lots of people have loved that I am sharing his adventures on our library blog. He has been quite a talking point with people, some have offered to hold him and the librarians we have met have all loved having their photo with him!

    I hope you have had a good rest and and you’re ready for a big last term…

    Miss Y 😊

  13. Dear Miss Y,
    You are very lucky to be on holidays.
    Pig the Pug is very lucky to be with you.

  14. Hi Lucia,

    Pig the Pug and I are very lucky to be sharing such a wonderful holiday! I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the things we have seen and done and feel like you are travelling with us too. I have just added some photos from our trip to Niagara Falls yesterday…they were spectacular!

    I hope the weather in Melbourne is improving. We have had lovely warm sunny days here which have been perfect for exploring and taking photos. In two more days we will be flying to New York City…

    Did you enjoy your holidays?

    Miss Y 😊📚

  15. Great to catch up on your recent travels.
    You are fitting sooooo much in.
    I can’t believe how quick the time is passing.
    Make sure you have a wonderful last week.
    Marg C

  16. Hi Mrs C,

    Pig the Pug and I were been VERY busy seeing and doing as much as we could fit in…time went way too quickly! I’ve added the last lot of photos of our travels now…

    Miss Y 🙂

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