Our Yeo-Low Medal Award 2016

Today was our second Yeo-Low Medal Award and an exciting day for the 73 students who completed the Reading Scavenger Hunt for our 2016 Yeo-Low Medal.

A rainy day forecast changed our school’s usual Footy Day plans so I decided to hold our Yeo-Low Medal Award in the library with our author friend Adrian Beck. Little did we know Adrian had a surprise for us and had invited Felice Arena along as well. How lucky were we to have two of our favourite authors in our library!!

Our Yeo-Low Medal readers should be VERY proud of their efforts to complete this year’s Reading Scavenger Hunt. Between them they have read over 600 books by Australian authors! I added a creative element this year and our library is currently a gallery of their creative work including cakes, Anzac biscuits, models, posters, poems, drawings, story cubes and book reviews about the books they have read.

During our award ceremony Adrian serenaded us with a song; we enjoyed sharing some of our creative work; people crossed their fingers hoping their name would be drawn for the Indigenous football (or two mini footballs) or that they were going to be presented with the Yeo-Low Medal this year. After cheering our winners, Felice had everyone up on their feet celebrating their fabulous reading efforts with his ‘Umpire Dance’. Today was a wonderful reminder that reading is fun!

Thank you so much Adrian and Felice for being so generous with your time and helping us to celebrate our Yeo-Low Medal Award. We are the luckiest school library in Australia!!

Here are some photos from our day….

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14 thoughts on “Our Yeo-Low Medal Award 2016

  1. Congratulations to all the readers who participated in the competition. It is always hard to only have a few ‘winners’ but it sounds like all participants’ efforts were rewarded with a fun filled day. What a wonderful surprise to have Felice join in the fun. Adrian is such a wonderful supporter of the library. Finally big round of applause to Miss Y for all her efforts to create such a wonderful challenge.

  2. Thanks Mrs B,

    I hope all of our Yeo-Low Medal readers are proud of their efforts and enjoyed our celebration. We’re very lucky to have the support of Adrian and Felice.

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Yeomans
    Congratulations to our recent Yeo-Low medal winner for 2016 and everyone who participated.
    It is a shame I won’t be here to see the 2017 Yeo-Low Medal.
    Thank you for organising this great occasion without you this wouldn’t happen.
    The Yeo-Low medal is one the biggest highlights in my 7 years at St Martin’s.
    Thank you once again.

  4. Hi Miss Y,
    I really enjoyed the Yeo-Low Medal. It was really entertaining!!!!!!!
    Can Adrian come next year?

    From Ava

  5. Thank you for your kind words Nathan ☺️

    You have been a wonderful Yeo-Low Medalist and an inspiring example for people reading for the Yeo-Low Medal this year. Thank you for doing such a great job presenting the Yeo-Low Medal to our winner today…you have set the bar high!

    You can always check the LRC blog next year to see what’s happening in our library!

    Miss Y 😊📚

  6. Hi Ava,

    I’m glad you enjoyed our Yeo-Low Medal Award today. It was definitely entertaining and fun doing the Umpire Dance again!

    I hope Adrian can come again next year. Does that mean you will read for the Yeo-Low Medal in 2017? I hope so! 👍🏼

    Miss Y 😊📚

  7. Thanks for having us S.M.O.T. – we had a ball and we were thoroughly impressed by your Yeo-Low efforts!

  8. Thank YOU, Adrian!

    We loved having you and Felice come and celebrate our Yeo-Low efforts with us. Thank you for encouraging us with our reading and making reading fun!

    “Give us a Y…Give us an E…Give us an O…Give us a LOW…what does it spell? YEO-LOW!!”

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Greetings from Bali. Tarah was very disappointed to miss out on the special day but she had a wonderful time reading and creating some art for the medal. It looks like it was a great success. We hope we can view all the students work when we return. Well done Miss Y.

  10. Hi Sharon,

    We had a great time with Adrian and Felice. Please let Tarah know that I shared her fabulous art work on the day. I hope you’re all relaxing and enjoying the warm weather in Bali…raining and 13 degrees here today!

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Miss Y, thank you for working so hard and being so creative in your efforts to encourage everyone at SMOT to enjoy reading.

  12. Hi Anthony,

    You did a fabulous job you did with your reading for the Yeo-Low Medal! I loved the postcard you made for your creative response to ‘Are We There Yet?’ Thank you for reading it to everyone at our Yeo-Low Medal presentation. I hope you felt very proud of yourself.

    I’m glad you want to read for the Yeo-Low Medal next year. You never know…you might just be the 2017 winner!

    Happy reading and Go Bulldogs!

    Miss Y 🙂

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