Quiet Reading with 2VL

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Mrs Van and 2VL to visit their classroom on Friday for Quiet Reading time. Thank you Sam for thinking it would be a great idea to invite me and to Mia who came to collect me from the LRC.

As I entered 2VL’s classroom I could see that everyone had their book open and each person was eager and ready to read. It was great to see quite a few books that people had borrowed from our LRC the day before. I chose to sit next to Ryan and settled into my chair with a new picture book I have bought for our library called The Nose Pixies (Nose pickers beware!).

Mrs Van put her timer on for 10 minutes and then the only thing we all had to do was relax, read and get lost in our book…bliss!!

Here are the 2VL students enjoying their Quiet Reading time (click on a photo to make it bigger)...

Thank you for inviting me 2VL and giving me an opportunity to drop everything and read! I might become a regular visitor to your Quiet Reading time…

Do you have Quiet Reading time in your classroom?
What do you like about Quiet Reading time?


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