Friday morning tweets with authors

On Friday morning, Twitter serendipitously connected us with three of our favourite Australian authors…

Before school during BRB time, two students brought me two books to ask if Jacqueline Arena was Felice Arena’s sister? “What a great question!’ I replied. “Why don’t we send a tweet to Felice Arena and ask him?” I took a photo and added our question to a tweet. By the time they had unpacked their bags in their classroom, two very impressed girls had their answer from Felice!

Two more students excitedly showed me they were both reading the first book in the Clementine Rose series by Jacqueline Harvey. The girls were excited to have their photo taken to tweet to Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s reply showed she was thrilled to see she has two new readers who have discovered her popular Clementine Rose books and the girls were even more thrilled to hear back from the author of their book!

The final author tweet was a rather mysterious one that Adrian Beck sent me with a photo of our school and some copies of his latest book written for the Stuff Happens series in the foreground. All will be revealed about Adrian’s surprise in the next blog post…

These are three small examples of the power of Twitter as an authentic way of connecting readers, authors (and teacher librarians).

A BIG thank you to Felice, Jacqueline and Adrian for using Twitter to connect with their readers in such a positive way!

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4 thoughts on “Friday morning tweets with authors

  1. Wow – Friday must be your favourite day of the week! It is wonderful to see authors who are so generous and willing to connect with their readers. It is no wonder they are so popular! Keep up your great work Miss Y – these wonderful events all happen because you care and connect. Another reason why your library is on the list as one of the best school libraries in Australia.

  2. It was definitely a great way to finish off our first week back, Louise!

    I think authors like Felice, Jacqueline and Adrian who have embraced Twitter are enjoying the opportunities it brings them to connect with their readers. I know how positive and rewarding it has been for our students to connect with them!

    Kim 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y,
    You continue to show wonderful examples of the positive power of Social Media. Thanks for sharing these stories which all prove to me that relationships formed there can enhance the lives of our students as well as the teachers, not to mention the authors who obviously love connecting to their readers.

  4. Thank you Celia!

    Twitter has been an invaluable tool for connecting both our students and myself with some wonderful authors. Twitter and our LRC Blog have brought some amazing opportunities to our school library that would never have happened otherwise. Both our library and students have been enriched by the relationships we have formed with authors through our use of Social Media…and reading is definitely the winner!

    Miss Y 🙂

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