Congratulations to our Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge readers!

A BIG congratulations to our 70 students from P-6 who participated in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge this year and read 2,183 books!

More than 204,100 participants from 2,800 schools, early childhood settings and homes took up the PRC in 2015, reading nearly four million books. Since the program began in 2005, over two million students have read nearly 38 million books – placed end to end, that’s enough books to stretch from Melbourne to Mozambique in Africa!

Here is a wonderful thank you from some of our fabulous authors. I think you will recognise our author friend Adrian Beck who also inspired us with our reading with our Yeo-low Medal this year. 

You can also find your name on the PRC Honour Roll HERE.

A BIG congratulations to these children from P-6 who were awarded PRC medals for their fabulous reading this year. We also awarded one of our Year 6 students a school PRC medal for participating in the PRC every year!

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge readers!

  1. Thanks Anne!

    Between the Yeo-low Medal and the PRC, it has been a big year of reading at SMOT!

    Happy reading to you too…

    Kim 🙂

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