Tell Me A Dragon…

This term the Year Twos have been inspired to use their imagination to create their own dragon after reading Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris.

You might like to listen to Jackie Morris read her book Tell Me a Dragon and explain some of her illustrations…

Tell us about your dragon….

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6 thoughts on “Tell Me A Dragon…

  1. What clever dragons everyone has! If I had a dragon I would get it to fly me on holidays everyday to countries around the world, wouldn’t that be nice! Well done Grade 2’s I am sure you have enjoyed having Ms Yeomans back this year!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Your dragon is a travelling dragon and what an exciting way to explore the world on a dragon’s back!

    Thank you for all of the fabulous cooking you have done with students at our school this year. (With my cooking skills I think I need a cooking dragon!)

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y,
    I have enjoyed doing the dragon pictures.I loved reading Tell Me a Dragon and I like how one of the dragons tells stories to the little girl at night. What dragon is your favourite and what does it do???????
    From Sophie

  4. I think that we all need a dragon because we can go to school very quickly and if we were going to have a dragon race we would need to train it and then we could win the race easily.

  5. Hi Sophie,

    Tell Me a Dragon is one of my favourite books and I think I need to buy myself a copy.

    I am always reading stories to others so the dragon that tells stories to the little girl is also my favourite dragon. Having someone tell or read me a story is one of my favourite treats.

    I hope you enjoyed sharing your clown dragon with your family.

    Happy reading Sophie!

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Hi Thomas,

    I would love to ride a dragon to school and even fly to places around the world!

    We could train our dragons and have dragon races at lunchtime. My dragon could sleep in the LRC and people could snuggle up with it when they read their book!

    Miss Y 🙂

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