Fun with dinosaurs and chocolate icing

This term our Preps have been enjoying stories about dinosaurs and will soon be comparing picture books to information books. We loved reading I’m a Dirty Dinosaur and I’m a Hungry Dinosaur written by Janeen Brian and illustrated by Anne James. We loved the cheeky dinosaur and had lots of fun joining in and acting out the catchy rhymes as we read both books.

Thanks to Geraldine, Jo, Riley and Molly, we are also very lucky to have both of our books signed by Ann James with her special gold pen!

Ann illustrated I’m a Dirty Dinosaur using mud from the dam on her farm. It looks like a messy and fun way to illustrate! You definitely need to wear your gumboots…

Ann used chocolate icing and sprinkles to illustrate I’m a Hungry Dinosaur and Miss Y thought that might be fun to try in the LRC (minus the sprinkles because they might end up all over the LRC!)

Miss Y mixed up a very big bowl of chocolate icing and the fun began with three Prep classes in a row having 45 minute lessons to borrow, draw their dinosaur picture and then finger paint details with chocolate icing…who said that reading isn’t FUN!! 

Now the Preps are wondering if Janeen has planned another messy adventure for her dinosaur…

What other dinosaur adventures could Janeen write about in her next book?

What else could Ann use for her dinosaur illustrations?

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10 thoughts on “Fun with dinosaurs and chocolate icing

  1. Hi Miss Y,

    We think you could use..
    jelly, green slime, milo, yoghurt, cream, strawberry jam, nutella, vegemite, butter, blueberry skin, blueberry jam,paint, hair, flower petals or glue.

    From 1MB

  2. Hi Miss Y,

    We think you could use…
    cake batter, vegemite, peanut butter, nutella, chocolate custard, shaving cream, jam, ice cream, toothpaste, cake topping, honey, butter,and melted chocolate.

    From Prep Delicious 🙂

  3. Hi Prep D,

    There are lots of delicious things I would be tempted to eat here instead of using to paint, especially the melted chocolate!

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Hi 1MB,

    Green slime would be lots of fun to paint with! Perhaps the dinosaur could be celebrating Halloween…

    Miss Y 🙂

  5. Hi Miss Y,

    We think Janeen can write these dinosaur stories…

    I’m a Very Itchy Dinosaur (Oscar)
    I’m a Glowing Dinosaur (Liam)
    I’m a Messy Dinosaur (Aidan)
    I’m a Creative Dinosaur (Ruby)
    I’m a Maths Dinosaur (Belle)
    I’m a Little Dinosaur (Angus)
    I’m a Funny Dinosaur (Louise)
    I’m a Rock Star Dinosaur (Zac)
    I’m a Loving Dinosaur (Alex)
    I’m a Big Dinosaur (Natalia)
    I’m a Soccer Dinosaur (Alex)
    I’m a Muddy Dinosaur (Urie)
    I’m a Dancing Dinosaur (Mietta)
    I’m a Sensible Dinosaur (Lily)

  6. Hi Miss Y,

    We think Janeen’s next dinosaur story might be…

    I’m a Funny Dinosaur (Alyssa)
    I’m a Slimy Dinosaur (William and Kiara)
    I’m a Silly Dinosaur (Gabby & Sienna)
    I’m a Painter Dinosaur (Olivia)
    I’m a Cooking Dinosaur (Charlotte)
    I’m a Clown Dinosaur (Ava)
    I’m a Smelly Dinosaur (Luke)
    I’m a Lazy Dinosaur (Andrew)
    I’m a Strong Dinosaur (Sophia)
    I’m a Roller Coaster Dinosaur (Jack)
    I’m a Thirsty Dinosaur (Jasmin)
    I’m a Sad Dinosaur (Jed)
    I’m a Naughty Dinosaur (Xavier)
    I’m a Happy Dinosaur (Erica)

  7. Hi Prep PC,

    What fabulous dinosaur story ideas!

    It would be fun to do “I’m a Glowing Dinosaur” and use glowing paint for the illustrations!

    Miss Y 🙂

  8. Hi Prep T,

    Fantastic ideas for more dinosaur stories!

    I wonder what you could use to paint with for “I’m a Smelly Dinosaur”?

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Hi Miss Y,
    I have some other stories Janeen Brian could write……
    I’m a red Dinosaur.
    I’m a yellow Dinosaur
    I’m a pink dinosaur
    I’m a green dinosaur

  10. Dear person from PPC who didn’t leave their name,

    Thank you for your great ideas! I wonder if Janeen could call her story “I’m a Colourful Dinosaur” and use all of your colours and then Ann could use those colours in jelly to do the illustrations?

    Miss Y 🙂

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