Andy Griffiths, tattoos & Emergency Spew Relish

I had quite a surprise last week when one of our Year 3 students walked into her lesson in the LRC with a jar of Emergency Spew Relish and tattoos on her arms!!  On closer inspection one of the tattoos had a love heart with “Andy” on it and there is only one Andy that we all know….Andy Griffiths!

These sisters had been guests at a book launch the previous evening and Andy Griffiths was there too. It was a book launch for a fabulous book for teachers called ‘Writing Right with Text Types’ by Matthew Zabracki and the girls have examples of their writing in it. How exciting to be in a book and have dinner and a chat with Andy Griffiths!

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2 thoughts on “Andy Griffiths, tattoos & Emergency Spew Relish

  1. I wonder if there was a chance to ask Andy where he gets his creative and outlandish ideas from.
    Matthew chose great writing samples to include in his book, both girls enjoy writing and love reading.
    Well done girls and thanks Miss Y for sharing these highlights.
    Mrs S

  2. Hi Mrs S,

    If you read Andy’s book ‘Once Upon a Slime’ you will find out where Andy gets lots of his ideas from. It’s a great book of ideas for people who like writing or who want to become better writers.

    Miss Y 🙂

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