A Magic Faraway Tree pendant

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton has been my favourite book since I was a little girl and I noticed last term when we were making our light bulbs for Book Week that quite a few of our students love it too.  When I taught Year One many years ago I read The Magic Faraway Tree to my class. I decided to make a big tree trunk in the middle of our classroom and gave each student a paper plate to design and create a land they would like to visit at the top of the tree. I attached their wonderfully creative ‘lands’ to the metal rafters that went across our ceiling and our classroom was transformed into our very own Magic Faraway Tree! It is still one of my favourite teaching activities ever!

During the holidays I went to a craft market at Federation Square and discovered a talented lady who uses old books to make make jewellery. I was very excited to find a pendant  she had made by using a page from The Magic Faraway Tree! Now I can wear a piece my favourite book…

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