Book Week Creative Challenge winners

One of the ways students can participate in the fun of Book Week is by joining in our  Book Week Creative Challenge. They are encouraged to unleash their imagination and creativity on the Book Week theme which this year was Books Light Up Our World

It is like Christmas for me as students bring in their fabulous creations and I love putting them around the LRC for everyone to enjoy. The hardest part is trying to choose winners and I’ve done my best. I have also included photos of some of our Creative Challenge entries, but this is by no means all of them…

Congratulations and a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our Book Week Creative Challenge and lit up our library with your imagination and creativity…

First Place Winners:

Maya K (1MB)  Chloe S (3C)  Oliver V (1MB) Indiana O (5DV)  Imogen P (3C)

Second Place Winners:

Layla R (6P)  Lily A (1C)  Mia L (3C)  Tara C & Claire L (3JC) Monica (3C)  Genevieve B (5DV) & Naomi B (3C) Mackinlie L (4W) & Elijah (6P)

Third Place Winners

Sam B (1C)  Ethan P (1C) Audrey C (4VT)  Max A (1GC)  Lauren B (5A) Ethan S (6P)

Book Week Creative Challenge Winners on PhotoPeach

Book Week Creative Challenge on PhotoPeach

Do you have a favourite creation?

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6 thoughts on “Book Week Creative Challenge winners

  1. Hi Miss Y
    I am thrilled to see that you think that my creation great.
    I think everyone who participated did a really good job as well and it would have been very hard for you to choose.

  2. Hi Chloe,

    I love what everyone created and it is the HARDEST job to choose winners. I will announce the winners at assembly tomorrow and have some small prizes for people.

    Thank you for inspiring us with your creativity and your amazing bedroom filled with the books that light up your world.

    Happy reading!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y,
    I really liked Book Week and I liked how you did the night when we came to the library and you read the books. It was a really fun night. THANK YOU
    From Mackinlie L 4W

  4. Dear Miss Y
    Thank you for the wonderful book week and the wonderful night at school and also thank you for putting up everyone’s design for book week.
    From Isaiah L Prep PC

  5. Hi Mackinlie,

    Thank you for lovely comment.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Book Week and especially ‘Stories To Light Up Our Night’. It was also a special night for me and I really enjoyed having so many people in our magical library at night listening to stories.

    Thank you to you and Elijah for your fabulous art work for our Book Week Creative Challenge. It was a wonderfully creative way to think about “Books Light Up Our World”.

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Hi Isaiah,

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your first Book Week at St Martin’s and being able to come to school at night in your PJs and listen to stories!

    Thank you for your colourful art work for our Book Week Creative Challenge. We have enjoyed seeing everyone’s wonderful work in the library.

    Miss Y 🙂

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