Happy Book Week!

Happy Book Week everyone!

Book Week has finally arrived! We will be celebrating on Wednesday by lighting up our school with stories and book characters during our Book Week Parade, class activities and our ‘Stories to Light Up Our Night’ event…see you there! 

Have you seen the fabulous Book Week banner in our school office yet?  A BIG thank you to our talented Mrs Ray and Ella (5O) and the children who drew the fabulous book covers…Olivia (3M), Jasper (4G), Jack (4VT), Lauren (5A), Campbell (6P), Jack (6Z) and Maya (6Z). 

This year our Book Week celebrations are dedicated to our friend and former teacher and colleague Colleen Scully who passed away recently. Colleen was an inspiring, passionate and fun loving teacher who in her role as Reading Recovery Teacher always found creative ways to make reading fun for those children who needed a little extra help to begin their reading journey.  

Book Week was one of Colleen’s favourite times of the school year where her amazing creativity and passion for books and reading were on full display. She loved inspiring staff to make the Zart Art crafts for Book Week with their classes and adding her own creative touches. We hope we will do you proud this year Colleen…

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23 thoughts on “Happy Book Week!

  1. Thanks Miss Y for organising this great whole school event. Colleen’s smile, creativity and passion for learning inspires us all. It will be a fabulous week.
    Mrs S

  2. Thanks Mrs S,

    It’s going to be a big week celebrating books and reading!

    Miss Y 📚💡🌎

  3. To Miss Y,
    I’m having a great time trying on my out fit for book week. Also when does that creative book week challenge finish?

  4. Hi Naomi,

    I’m glad you’re having fun! I’m looking forward to seeing your book character costume. I wonder who you will be? I’ve been getting mine ready too…

    Our Creative Book Week Challenge finishes this Friday.

    Happy Book Week!

    Miss Y 📚💡🌎

  5. Dear Miss Y,

    Looking forward to the big week ahead. So beautiful to dedicate this year’s book week to Colleen. Seems like only yesterday she was giving us great ideas and inspiring us with her creative spirit. We will do her proud this week.
    Thanks for organising a wonderful experience for us all at St.Martin’s.

    Ms. T.

  6. Thank you Ms T,

    I have a few things Colleen made for Book Week that I’m going to put in our LRC this week so her creative spirit will definitely be there to inspire us…

    Happy Book Week!

    Miss Y 📚💡🌎

  7. It is going to be a wonderful week for all. We will let the stories and books light up our school just as Colleen lit up so many lives.

  8. Hi Miss Y,

    Really looking forward to our Book Week celebrations on Wednesday and particularly the reading hour on Wednesday night. Sure Colleen will be smiling down at all of us on Wednesday. What a lovely picture of her.

    Good luck and well done.
    Mrs Van.😀

  9. Dear Miss Y,

    Thank you for all of your organisation for this year’s Book Week! It is a perfect memento to our dear colleague and friend Colleen! It will be surely a wonderful day and evening!


  10. I can’t think of a better way for St Martin’s to pay tribute to Colleen’s passion for imparting one of the greatest gifts – the skill and enjoyment of reading.

  11. Hi Tabitha,

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you have unleashed your imagination and creativity for our Creative Book Week Week Challenge.

    See you on Wednesday night with lots of fabulous stories to to read…

    Happy Book Week!

    Miss Y 📚💡🌎😊

  12. Hi Miss Y,
    We can’t wait to see your costume tomorrow. We’re sure tomorrow will be great and that everyone will have a fantastic time. We are looking forward to seeing other children’s and teacher’s costumes. We’re sure Colleen would be so proud of us all.
    We love the idea of ‘Stories to light up our night’.
    From 2MV

  13. Hi 2MV and Mrs M,

    I can’t wait to see YOUR costumes for Book Week!

    It is going to be an wonderful day of celebrating how books light up our world!

    I hope to see lots of you tomorrow night in the LRC for “Stories to Light Up Our Night”…

    Happy Book Week!

    Miss Y 🙂

  14. Hi Ms Yeomans,
    I’m all ready for Book Week! I have been reading my favourite picture story books and reliving my childhood memories. I especially enjoyed talking to my big boys about what was their favourite bedtime story book when they were ohhh so little. They can’t decide because they had so many favourite books. Happy Book Week everyone!
    Keep smiling!
    Mrs M

  15. Thank you for the lovely tribute to Colleen. I was lucky to have worked with Colleen on the committee of the Diamond Valley Toy Library before my boys started school at St Martins and then always enjoyed a chat with her once they became SMOT students. I hope book week celebrations are inspiring.

  16. Hi Mrs Mosbauer,

    Your big boys are so lucky to have had so many stories read to them when they were little.

    You looked fabulous in your Book Week witch costume!

    Thank you for taking lots of photos at our “Stories To Light Up Our Night’ event and helping to manage the crowds.

    Happy reading…

    Miss Y 🙂

  17. Hi Sarah,

    Colleen was a very special lady who touched so many people’s lives…she will be greatly missed.

    Kim 🙂

  18. Dear Miss Y,
    Yesterday Book Week was amazing with all those wonderful costumes. I hope everyone had a great time after school with those incredible stories getting read by our teachers at St. Martins.

  19. Hi Maya,

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    It was a wonderful Book Week! I loved all of the creative book character costumes that the students and teachers wore. It really did look like the book characters had come to life on Top Yard when we had our parade!

    ‘Stories To Light Our Night’ was an amazing night. Lots of parents and children loved listening to the teachers read them stories and some children were lucky to finish off their night with a hot chocolate at home before they went to bed.

    Happy Book Week!

    Miss Y 📚💡🌎

  20. Hello Kim and everyone at St Martins.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful dedication to Colleen. She would absolutely love everything you guys have done. She always had a very special place in her heart for St Martins. Johanna, Lachlan and I miss her heaps but she taught us to be tough. Anyone who knew Colleen knows she would be getting an icy pole out of the freezer and telling us to hold that where it hurts and it will be better soon.
    Thank you to Mrs Stewart, the wonderful staff, Fr Michael and the lovely St Martins family.
    Nick Scully
    PS. Thank you for the card and beautiful gift Kim. Col loved you very much

  21. It’s so nice to hear how that Colleen’s creative spirit is being celebrated. I was in grade 6 when she taught me, it was her first year teaching. She was then an amazing teacher and a true inspiration to the students she taught. I have used Colleen’s inspiration and become a teacher and there are many times I think how would Colleen make this exciting and engaging for students. Colleen will be truly missed by all the people she inspired and those she loved dearly.

  22. I’m so glad you found our blog post and left a comment Andrea.

    I’m sure Colleen would be thrilled to know that she inspired you to become a teacher and that you use her creativity and ideas to excite and engage your own students. As teachers we plant many seeds and we don’t always get to see the end result. It is wonderful to know that one of the many seeds that Colleen planted has flourished…

    Kim 🙂

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