A Bookmark Bonanza

Over the past two weeks our LRC has been “creatively messy” as the Year 3 – 6 classes have been busily making their own bookmarks. Students used wrapping paper, old book pages, coloured paper and cardboard (and quite a bit of glue covered the table tops) as they connected books, reading, creativity and imagination to make their fabulous bookmarks.  They chose quotes that either reflected themselves as readers or quotes that would inspire them to read. Here is a selection of bookmarks from the 12 classes….

A Bookmark Bonanza on PhotoPeach

Hopefully these fabulous bookmarks will also encourage people not to bend the corners on the pages our library books!

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6 thoughts on “A Bookmark Bonanza

  1. What a collection of great bookmarks – I love all of those cute little owls 🙂
    They are all so different and creative.
    Happy reading


  2. Hi Mrs P

    Thank you for leaving us a comment!

    Everyone had lots of fun making their bookmarks. Our students never cease to amaze me with their creativity!

    Happy reading to you too..

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Thanks MS,

    It was a fun and creative way to start our year in the LRC…

    Miss Y 😉

  4. Hi Lucas,

    I’m glad you enjoyed making your book mark. I hope you are using it in your library book! I really enjoyed seeing how creative everyone was making their book marks.

    Happy reading!

    Miss Y 😀

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