A card from Andy Griffiths

Just before the holidays one of our Year 3 students wrote a letter to Andy Griffiths to share some of his ideas for the Treehouse series with Andy.  Imagine his excitement when a card from Andy arrived in his mailbox!

In his card, Andy said that Terry has a Ninja training academy for snails planned for the 52-storey Treehouse and Andy is already planning some time travel for the 65-storey Treehouse.  The great news about this is that there are at least TWO more Treehouse books for us to look forward to… YAY!!

Click on the card to read it…

Thank you for bringing your card in to share with us! (and thanks Andy for writing back!)

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9 thoughts on “A card from Andy Griffiths

  1. Dear Nathan,
    It must have been so exciting to get this card! It seems extra-special to receive a response from a popular author like Andy!
    I bet you can’t wait until the new books come out!
    Mrs. Hembree
    Seattle,WA USA

  2. Dear Miss Y and Nathan,

    Wow I am so glad I dropped by your blog today and read all about Nathan’s surprise letter from Andy 🙂

    Well done Nathan for taking the time to write to Andy! I feel you deserve a pat on the back. I really liked the fact that you had some new ideas for Andy’s next novel.

    Thanks Miss Y for sharing this wonderful post with us all.

    Keep reading!

    Cheers AA 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree
    Thanks for leaving me a comment all the way from the USA. That’s so cool!
    Are you a librarian too ?
    I have written a second letter to Andy and hopefully he responds soon.
    Thanks Nathan
    PS. Have you been to New York? I heard its a wonderful place there.

  4. Dear AA
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I also wrote another letter to Andy about his cartoon and hopefully he replies to me.
    I was very excited that Andy wrote to and my heart was pumping really fast.

  5. Thank you Miss Y for sharing Nathan’s exciting letter with us.
    Wow Nathan it’s fantastic that Andy replied to your letter.
    I wonder if Andy replies to all his fan mail.
    I think I can guess what you might have on your book wish list.
    Mrs S

  6. Hi Nathan,

    Wow I can’t believe how lucky you are to receive a letter from Andy Griffiths. I haven’t read any of the ‘Treehouse’ series but I will have to add it to my reading list.

    My favourite books were the ‘Just!’ series. Have you read any of those books?

    From Miss Driscoll

  7. Dear Mrs Stewart
    Thanks for your comment.
    If you write to Andy he replies but sometimes he is a bit busy with writing so it takes a while for Andy to reply.
    Nathan S

  8. Dear Miss D
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes I have read one of the ‘Just’ series books … but I haven’t finished it because I started reading the treehouse books!
    Nathan S

  9. Hi Nathan

    I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you have done replying to all of the people who have left you a comment – well done!

    Miss Y 🙂

    PS. You don’t have to reply to this comment!

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