A crafty book cover

Sophie in Year 5 is a creative person who is very good at sewing.  I was really impressed with her latest creation – a book cover she had made to protect her library book!  What a fabulous idea Sophie!   Our library book looked so safe and snug tucked into your book cover….

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4 thoughts on “A crafty book cover

  1. Hi MS

    I think Sophie could start her own business making these! I’d be thrilled if our students used them…

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Hi Sophie,

    You are so creative! I wish I could sew. I wonder who taught you. I think you should have a stall at the school Fete. I would definitely buy one.

    From Miss Driscoll

  3. Hi Miss Driscoll

    I suggested selling at the school fete as well – I think Sophie’s book covers would be big sellers! I’d buy one too…

    Miss Y

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