Songs to celebrate Read Across the Universe

Happy Book Week everyone!

Here are two great songs to get our Read Across the Universe celebrations started…

Thanks to the very talented teacher librarian Kerry Gittens we have another fabulous song for Book Week called “One Book”.

You can find the words to Kerry’s song HERE

David Bowie wrote “Space Oddity” in 1969 about a fictional astronaut called “Major Tom”.  I wonder if he ever imagined that over 40 years later Commander Chris Hadfield a Canadian astronaut would be singing his version of the song on board the International Space Station…

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3 thoughts on “Songs to celebrate Read Across the Universe

  1. Miss Y .. sing this to the Pies theme song….

    Good old Collingwood forever
    They know how to read their books
    Side by side they read together
    To uphold the reading challenge comp
    See the universe reading
    As all the universe shoooould
    Oh the reading is a cake walk
    For the good old reading challenge!

  2. Brilliant idea Nathan!!

    If we substitute “St Martin’s” with Collingwood we will have our very own school reading song!!!

    What do you think?

    Miss Y 🙂

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