Myer Christmas Windows 2012 – “Russell’s Christmas Magic”

Every year Melbourne waits in anticipation for the magic of the Myer Christmas Windows to be revealed.  This is the 57th year of the Myer Christmas Windows. It’s exciting to see that  “Russell’s Christmas Magic” by one of our favourite author’s Rob Scotton has been selected this year.  We are fans of both of his characters Russell the Sheep and Splat the Cat.

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has crash-landed in Firefly Wood.   His sleigh is broken and it looks like Christmas might have to be cancelled.  What a disaster!  However, it’s Russell the Sheep who comes to Santa’s rescue with a very creative solution to help Santa on his way again to deliver presents…

There is a talented team of creative people who work together over nine months designing and animating the story so it comes to life each year in the Myer Christmas Windows.  If you have ever wondered how the windows are created watch this video…

Which job would you like to do to help create the Myer Christmas Windows?

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12 thoughts on “Myer Christmas Windows 2012 – “Russell’s Christmas Magic”

  1. Hey Miss Y,
    I always look forward to seeing the Myer Christmas Windows every year, no matter how long the wait is. After watching the video not once, not twice, but three times I’m still having trouble deciding what job I’d like to have if I got the opportunity!! If I had to choose, I’d like to be one of the sculptors or costume designers because I think they have an important job of making everything perfect and bringing Rob Scotton’s illustrations to life.
    Taylor 5W
    PS Now I really can’t wait to see the Myer Windows this year!

  2. Hi Taylor

    I was thrilled to see “Russell’s Christmas Magic” was chosen for this year’s Myer Christmas Windows because I am a big fan of Rob Scotton’s books!

    I’m like you, I’m not sure which job I’d like to do if I had the opportunity. I might like to have a go at being the Production Designer. I like the idea of closing your eyes and dreaming and imagining what each window will look like and then guiding and working with all the people in the team to help bring the story to life.

    Imagine how excited the team must be when they see their wonderful work in the Myer Christmas Windows for the first time….as well as seeing the joy they bring to people at Christmas time!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Stage One have created a Magical, spectacular display and I’m delighted by the amazing after-dark photographs that were sent to me. I only hope I can get to see the windows, in person, before the season closes.
    Thank you Myer and thank you Stage One.
    Merry Christmas Russell!
    Rob Scotton

  4. Oh my exciting to hear from you Rob!!

    We are big fans of your books and have our very own Splat the Cat toy in our library!

    It’s great to hear how delighted you are with the way “Russell’s Christmas Magic” has been brought to life in our Myer Christmas Windows. You will definitely have to come and see the windows for yourself! I wonder if they would let you take one of the “Russells” home with you….

    Thank you for bringing us so much joy to our library with your books.

    Have a magical Christmas, Rob!

    Miss Y and all the students at St Martin’s, Rosanna 😀

  5. Hello Kim,
    I love your blog. You really inspired us today with all the wonderful ideas you have for sharing books with your students… They are soooo lucky to have you.

  6. Hi Marg

    I loved visiting your library! It is so bright and welcoming. Your students must love spending time there.

    Thank you for asking me to speak to your Library Network. It was great to talk people who were enthusiastic about learning how to blog. I hope there will be lots of new library blogs being created!

    Let me know when you have your library blog ready and I’ll add you to our blogroll. Maybe next year our two libraries could do some activities together through our blogs!

    Kim 🙂

  7. Thanks Miss Y for the video about the making of the Myer Christmas windows.
    Like Taylor, I always love seeing the Myer Christmas windows. It is tradition for us to go as a family. We used to take our children when they were younger and now we love watching the responses from our grandchildren.
    Mrs S

  8. Hi Mrs Stewart,

    The Myer Christmas windows are a lovely Christmas tradition for lots of families. I think you will be enjoy them for many years to come with your six beautiful grandsons…

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Hi Kim.
    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed last week’s Library Network meeting. I am attending my first blogging session at our school tomorrow and am looking forward to getting started…even if they are baby steps. Kim you were so inspiring thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Hi Maree

    Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.

    Good luck with your first blogging session! Baby steps is the best way to go with your blogging and before you know it you know it you and your blog will be on your way!

    I’d love you to send me a link to your blog when you feel ready to share. Let me know if I can help at any time.

    Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy a well earned break…

    Kim 🙂

  11. Thank you, Each year we go to see the Christmas Myer windows but tradition dictates we are familiar with the story first. This year will be slightly different as oldest will be trekking through Nepal and is missing the whole Aussie festive season, including the Santa photo with his brothers. I will gift him the book instead so he knows what he missed (and photo shop him into the photo).

  12. Hi Anne

    I’m glad it has been your family tradition to read the story before seeing it at the Myer Christmas windows. I’ve read “Russell’s Christmas Magic” to all of our 21 classes so they will know the story too!

    Celebrating Christmas while trekking in Nepal will be a fabulous experience for you son! (I love the way you’re going to photo shop him into the Santa photo!)

    Enjoy reading and seeing “Russell’s Christmas Magic” with your family….Happy Christmas!

    Miss Y 🙂

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