Our 124 flavours ice cream (The 26-storey Treehouse)

We have been thoroughly enjoying reading The 26-Storey Treehouse written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton.  We love the way they combine their imagination and humour!  Last week the Year 3 and 4 students were inspired by Terry and Andy (and Edward Scooperhands) to create their own flavours for our very own ice cream. Our ice cream has 124 different flavours….

(Click photo to enlarge)

Some of our ice cream flavours include…

Frozen bums
Cheese Touch Surprise
Candy Clouds
Green Thumbs
Luscious Lava
Last Night’s Dinner
Paint Spill
Slimy Brain
Crustacean Curry
Dragon Fruit Danger
Dad’s Socks
Pigs Can Fly
Footy Fab
Cheezels and Burger Rings Supreme
Rock Solid 

What flavour ice-cream would you create?

We wonder what Andy and Terry might think of our ice-cream flavours…  

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18 thoughts on “Our 124 flavours ice cream (The 26-storey Treehouse)

  1. Hi Kim,

    That ice cream is incredible! I can’t believe we missed Slimy Brain and Frozen Bums!! Please send congrats to your students.

    Andy Griffiths

  2. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I think the 124 flavours of icecream looks great with all those disgusting and funny icecream flavours. It looks so cool.
    I wonder if Terry’s going to eat all these icecreams!
    I just found my Cotton Candy Prickles right on the end before I could even get off the picture. I’ll say it over and over and over again it looks amazing!

    Bye from Vanessa

  3. Hi Andy

    I was the one who thought of FROZEN BUMS and coming from you it is extra special to say you like the idea!

    Thomas P

  4. Hi Miss Y

    I really like the big ice cream that the grade 3 and 4 did. I am going to read a lot over the holidays.

    Hope you have a great holiday.

    from Angus F

  5. Hi Vanessa

    I’m glad you found your Cotton Candy Prickles ice cream. I think there might be a few flavours in our ice cream that not even Terry would eat!

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Hi Angus

    I love our big ice cream and it looks just like I imagined it would!! Mrs Collins made a great cone and the Year 3 and 4 students did a fabulous job with the ice cream flavours!! I think we all had lots of fun!

    I’m going to read a lot over the holidays too. What books are you planning to read?

    Have you put your Yucky You skeleton together yet? I hope this one is okay.

    Have a great holiday too Angus…

    Miss Y 😀

  7. I would create rainbow bubblegum with dad’s old socks – Chloe S – PCV

    I would create salty onion cream ice cream !! – Nathan S – 2TM

  8. Hi Nathan and Chloe

    Chloe – I love your idea for rainbow bubblegum with your dad’s old socks. That would be a bright chewy ice cream!

    Nathan – Salty onion ice cream would be great for people who don’t want a very sweet flavoured ice cream!

    Thank you both for sharing your super power of imagination with your ice cream flavours.

    Have a great holiday…

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. I liked the flavours and all the creativity. I can’t believe Andy Griffiths posted a comment on this blog! I really like his books.

  10. Hi Raffael

    I love all of the creative ice cream flavours too. The students at St Martin’s never cease to amaze me with their creativity!

    It’s very exciting to have Andy comment on our blog. He is one very popular author!

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Nooooo!! 124 FLAVOURS!!! It was annoying enough to draw 74 different FLAVOURS for Andy… Don’t give him ideas. Now he will want me to draw 124!!!!!!! (ps: love your work. 🙂 ) xTerry.

  12. Hi Terry,

    Wow!! There are going to be some very excited students when they see you have left us a comment! Thanks for visiting our LRC Blog.

    Your drawings of the ice cream flavours were one of our favourite parts of The 26-Storey Treehouse. (We could give you our drawings for ideas if Andy wants you to draw 124!) We had so much fun creating our ice cream flavours.

    We were wondering in our library classes how you and Andy work together on a book. Do you both think of the ideas together or does Andy write the story and you do the illustrations? We think you must have lots of fun working on a book together!

    We love your work Terry – your pictures give us lots of laughs…

    Miss Y 😀

  13. Hi Terry

    You should have done regurgitated underpants. Sorry Terry to give Andy ideas, but the sharks did eat your underpants. Hiccup!


  14. Dear Miss Y,
    How exciting to have the author of this book comment on your blog!
    I am going to have to look for this book. I wonder if it’s published in the US yet.
    I think my flavor of ice cream will be chocolate, peanut butter surprise! The surprise will probably be the dog hair slipping into my blow of ice cream at my house!

    Happy Eating!
    Mrs. Hembree

  15. Dear Mrs Hembree

    Great to hear from you! I hope your new year in your library is going fabulously.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed reading both of Andy Griffiths’ books “The 13-storey Treehouse” and his more recent “The 26-storey Treehouse” and were thrilled to hear from both Andy and Terry. I’m sure your students would love them too! Do you have any other books by Andy Griffiths in your library?

    If Andy’s tree house books aren’t available in the US yet please let me know and it would be my pleasure to send you a copy of the books.

    I know exactly what you mean about the surprise of dog hair in your ice cream…

    Miss Y 🙂

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