Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

When Jacqueline Harvey visited our library earlier this year she told us to watch out for her new character called Clementine Rose…now she is here with her very first book!

Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

Clementine Rose was delivered not in the usual way, at a hospital, but in the back of a mini-van, in a basket of dinner rolls.

Clementine Rose (or Clemmie) is a sweet little girl who can sometimes be bit clumsy and loves jumping on her bed.  She lives in Penberthy Floss in a large old mansion with her mother, Lady Clarissa, Digby Pertwhistle the butler and a cute teacup pig called Lavender.  Things change when her scary Aunt Violet unexpectedly comes to stay…what secret is she  trying to hide?

After reading this  book  Clementine Rose has me thinking about how much fun it would be to spend a night camping in the LRC….

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