Book Week songs

Mrs Gittens is a very creative and talented Teacher Librarian at St Patrick’s primary school at Wallsend in New South Wales. Β Mrs Gittens is very clever at changing the lyrics to songs (and singing them) to encourage people to read! Β She has kindly shared her songs and we have have really enjoyed listening to and singing along with them this week. Β I think they might inspire some of our students with our Champions Read Challenge

We Will Read It

A Book is Like a Firework

Don’t forget one of our favourite songs…

Gotta Keep Reading

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8 thoughts on “Book Week songs

  1. Dear Miss Y,

    You are so right, they sure do have a very talented and creative teacher. I really loved the words that Mrs Gittens has put together to these popular songs.

    Well done Mrs Gittens you are awesome!

    I was singing along to the songs above your post.
    Can’t wait to show BB when she arrives home from school this afternoon as I am pretty sure she will love singing to the above songs too.

    Great post Miss Y.

    From your blogging pal,
    AA πŸ™‚

  2. Hi AA

    The classes have enjoyed singing along to Mrs Gittens’ songs this week.

    We had “We Will Read It” playing in the LRC before school this morning – a great way to start our day!!

    I hope you and BB enjoy singing together…

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Miss Y,

    What an awesome post and Mrs Gittens is an awesome and talented teacher.

    I just loved listening to those songs, as a matter of fact mum and I were singing and dancing.

    Thanks for sharing this with us all.

    From your friend,
    BB πŸ™‚

  4. Hi BB

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the songs. You are right in saying Mrs Gittens is very talented.

    We have been doing some dancing along to the songs too at school.

    Do you celebrate Book Week at your school?

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  5. A good book is a diamond, it never loses its shine, lustre or appeal.
    St Martin’s is lucky to have the best teacher librarian who gets great books for us.
    Mrs S

  6. Greetings Miss Y,

    I really liked the song you posted on the blog.
    My mum and I sang along to it.

    From Samuel B :p

  7. Greetings Sam,

    I’m sure you and your mum had fun singing along to the song! Was it “We Will Read It”?

    I wonder if many students will write their own songs for our Champions Read Challenge.

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

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