The Eltham Library – by Alessandra

Lots of our students belong to our  Yarra Plenty Regional Library.  Alessandra was lucky to visit the Eltham branch library which has recently been renovated.  What a wonderful outdoor space they have created for bookworms to relax and read their books…


On the holidays I went to the library at Eltham.  I went with my brother Matteus (4VL), our friend Jamie (4D) and my little sister Lucia.  I borrowed a Billie B. Brown book.  When I got home I started to read Billie B. Brown.  I love the library!

Alessandra (1PC)

You might like to visit the Billie B. Brown website HERE

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One thought on “The Eltham Library – by Alessandra

  1. Alessandra I wonder if you went to the Eltham Town Park, which is next to the Library?
    I have lived in Eltham for 37 years and the Eltham Library has always been a popular place for my family.
    Keep on enjoying your visits to the Eltham Library. Maybe you can walk to the duck pond after the Library.
    Mrs S

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