This is the Mud! by Kathryn Apel

In the second last week of term we received another special package for our LRC in the mail.  It was a copy of “This is the Mud” by Katherine Apel.  Kathryn heard about our flood damage and wanted to send us one of her books for our library.

We had SO much fun sharing this story!  Kathryn is also a fabulous poet and we really enjoyed her rhyming way with words.  We had a great time predicting how to get the cow and then all of the farm machines out of the mud.  Quite a few people suggested a crane and even a helicopter to do the job!

We know that Kathryn lives on a farm with her family and we were wondering if this story is actually based on a true story.  We also wondered if the lady farm worker who came to the rescue might have been Kathryn herself!

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending us such a fun story for our library Kathryn…we are lucky to have such a talented author and poet as one of our “LRC Friends”.

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3 thoughts on “This is the Mud! by Kathryn Apel

  1. How kind thoughtful and generous of Katherine Apel to donate one of her books to St Martin’s LRC. Katherine is clever with words. I wonder how many studnets at St Martin’s also enjoy using words to make poems and interesting stories.
    Mrs Stewart

  2. Thank-you so much for your wonderful comments and feedback. I am glad that the children at St Martins are enjoying the book!

    To answer your question – the story is actually based on lots of similar instances on our property, but not one particular story. Mostly it’s a vehicle that gets bogged. And then more and more and MORE, bigger and bigger and BIGGER vehicles! (Because I think there are some big boys here who LIKE to play in the mud!)

    The cow in the illustrations is based on one of my pet beef cows. Her name is Amber, and I just saw here wander past my house moments ago. Amber is sixteen years old! You can see a picture of the real Amber reading This is the Mud! here; (I’m very glad that she has never been stuck in the mud!)

  3. Hi Kathryn

    Thank you for answering our wonderings!

    Amber is a very lucky cow to be so well cared for on your property. We’re glad too that Amber hasn’t been stuck in the mud!

    Miss Y 🙂

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