The Silver Door by Emily Rodda

The Silver Door by Emily Rodda is finally here and it is definitely going to have you on the edge of your seat!

Rye thinks his other missing brother Sholto has chosen the  Silver door.  Rye bravely enters the dangerous world behind the Silver Door with his brother Dirk and the feisty Sonia.  This desolate wasteland of the Saltings and the Scour is where desperate people live including  “Bones” the skeleton man.  While trying to find both Sholto and the source of the  frightening Skimmers, Rye also discovers more about the powers of the gifts he carries in his small brown bag – the snail shell, the feather and the tiny golden key.

The action packed end of the book reveals the true enemy of Weld and sets the scene for the third and final book The Wooden Door.

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