Just Doomed by Andy griffiths

Andy Griffiths wrote his first book in the Just Series in 1997 with Just Tricking. (Many of you weren’t even born then!!)  We have been waiting patiently  (and some not so patiently) for his eighth book

 Is this the right book for you?

Take the DOOMED TEST to find out.   YES /NO

1. Have you ever broken a mirror, walked under a ladder or opened an umbrella inside?
2. Do you often find yourself feeling that everything is about to go horribly, terribly and utterly wrong?
3. Have you ever lost or destroyed a valuable item that didn’t belong to you?
4. Have you just accidentally enraged a very large and bad-tempered bully?
5. Are you 120 years old or over?

SCORE: One point for each YES answer

3-5 You are definitely DOOMED! You will love this book.
1-2 You are fairly DOOMED! You will love this book.
0 You are DOOMED, you just don’t realise it. You will love this book.

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton have done it again!  Nine fabulous chapters of stories, lists, comics and cartoons.

What is your favourite story in Just Doomed?

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One thought on “Just Doomed by Andy griffiths

  1. Wow Miss Yeomans after reading Andy Griffiths’ checklist I think lots of us are on the doomed list.
    Andy Griffiths is a descritpive writer, I’m sure his new books will be popular.
    Mrs Stewart

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