Table Names for 2012

Every class from Grade 1-6 voted on our table names and these are the results you have been waiting for…

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These are fabulous choices everyone and I’m sure they will inspire us with our reading this year….

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13 thoughts on “Table Names for 2012

  1. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    That’s great that you have your table names all worked out. My favourite name is ‘EAT SLEEP READ.’

    I can’t wait to come back and visit you all at St.Martins. Gen is great but I miss you alot. It is very quiet being at an all girls school.

    From Jordyn T

  2. Hi Jordyn

    I’m glad I didn’t have to vote for a table name – I liked too many names!

    I miss chatting to you in the LRC and look forward to seeing you when you can visit.

    I’m guess it would be quite different at Gen, but I’m sure there are lots of things you are really enjoying about your new school.

    I hope you are keeping up with your reading…

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Great hearing from you Jordyn. I wonder if you go visiting and exploring your Library before school or at lunch times. It will be great hearing about Gen when you come to visit us. Have a great holiday and a Happy Easter.

    Wow! I’m glad I didn’t have to choose one name for the tables. All of the titles speak to me about a love of reading.
    Mrs Stewart

  4. Thanks Mrs Stewart and Miss Yeomans,

    I am really enjoying Gen but I also miss everyone at St.Martins. There are so many libraries at Gen I think there are three. In the junior school there is a story chair that also has a story so don’t feel the odd one out Miss Yeomans. But I personally like the St.Martins story chair better. I have kept in touch with Jordan and Georgia and they are loving the new ‘middle yard’.

    Can’t wait to see you all and have a happy school holidays.

    From Jordyn

  5. Hi Jordyn

    Three libraries – wow! I have enough trouble keeping up with our LRC!

    You have me intrigued…I’d love to know the story of Gen’s Story Chair.

    Mrs Stewart and Mr Thomas have made wonderful decisions that have transformed our “Middle Yard” into a relaxing and beautiful space for our school. You will be so impressed Jordan

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. I voted for Readaholics. Who put that name down? Who ever it was it was pretty good name 🙂
    I put down Just Reading after Andy Griffiths series, the Just series.
    I have the latest book, Just doomed.
    I also have a picture of my kitten, Dexter with the book in it.

    From Raffael

  7. Hi Raffael

    Grace from 5CC put down The Readaholics. It got 96 votes!

    I liked your idea of Just Reading. Andy Griffiths would have been impressed.

    Have you read all of the Just Doomed stories yet? Do you have a favourite story?

    Miss Y 🙂

  8. Just one thing…
    *Like* 🙂
    P.S Yay 😀 Jordyn is still in touch with us!!

  9. Hi Miss Yeomans
    I love the new table names.
    It is also ssssssoooooooooooo great that we can keep in touch with Jordyn. I hope to altar-serve with her in church again.
    I have been reading GREAT books so far on the holidays.
    From our library, I read The Ersatz Elevator and Disasterchef. The new Floods book is sssooo funny! The book really matches the title.
    I also bought 2 copies of The Hunger Games, one for the library and one for myself. I also borrowed Catching Fire and 2 Lemony Snicket books from the Rosanna library. ALL THE BOOKS I READ ARE FANTASTIC!
    I hope that you had a happy Easter and ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR HOLIDAYS!
    From Monica C
    P.S. I love the new posts on the holidays. I can’t wait to read the new books in our library when we start Term 2! 🙂

  10. Hi Jen

    I’m glad you like our new table names. I actually printed them out today and they are waiting on the tables ready for us to start Term 2!

    I saw Jordyn at the end of term and had a chat. She seems to be settling in well at Gen. I’m glad she is keeping in touch with us via our LRC Blog too!

    Hope you have had a great holiday. See you next week in the LRC…

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Hi Monica

    It’s great that quite a few people like Jordyn use our LRC Blog to keep in touch with us.

    My goodness you have been VERY busy reading Monica and so have I! I’m glad you enjoyed “Disasterchef”.

    I have read the first two Hunger Games books and have the third one on reserve at Watsonia library.

    I have actually bought a copy of The Hunger Games for our library, but I’m still thinking about whether to put in on the shelves or not.

    There will be lots of great new books for everyone to borrow when we get back to school.

    Enjoy this sunny weather Monica and I’ll see you next week in the LRC…

    Miss Y 🙂

  12. Hi Miss Yeomans, Jen and Monica,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch. I just got back from my holiday yesterday and got all these emails rushing in because I had wi-fi!

    I think that it is great that the blog is here for everyone to communicate with!!

    How is the new library going ? I miss it, as I only got a couple of weeks to enjoy it!

    Over the Christmas school holidays I 2 whole series! The Series of Unfortunate Events and Alice-Miranda at school. I also read the new Cathy Cassidy called Marshmellow Skye which is the sequel of Cherry Crush and I would recommend both books for the library.

    Like Monica I am also reading the Flood series which is GREAT !

    I miss you all and have fun at school tomorrow (haven’t the school holidays flown by)

    From Jordyn.T

  13. Hi Jordyn,

    Hope you enjoyed going away for your holidays. We have been very lucky with such beautiful autumn weather haven’t we. The school holidays have gone way too fast!!

    Did you see on the LRC Blog that Jacqueline Harvey (author of the Alice-Miranda series) visited us at the end of last term? She was an absolute delight and inspired us to read and write!

    Have you read the latest Floods book called Masterchef?

    I will definitely have a look at your Cathy Cassidy recommendations for our LRC – thanks!

    I hope you and Grace both have a fabulous Term Two…

    Miss Y 🙂

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