Jacqueline Harvey is coming to visit us!

We are so incredibly lucky to have author, Jacqueline Harvey visiting us on Friday, March 23rd on her book tour for “Alice-Miranda in New York”

Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate 

Alice-Miranda in New York is the fifth book in this very popular series. 

At just 7 and 1/4,  Alice -Miranda is wise beyond her years.  Her positive outlook on life is contagious.  She is thoughtful, clever and determined when she needs to be.  Alice-Miranda has a wonderful way of knowing how to help people and is one of the nicest friends you could have!

You can find out more about Jacqueline Harvey who both is an author and a teacher  at her blog here

Alice-Miranda has her own blog too!  You can visit it here

Check out this book trailer for Alice-Miranda in New York… (It’s the first one Miss Y had made!)

Alice Miranda in New York on PhotoPeach

Collect an order form from the LRC or download it in the school newsletter if you would like to buy a book for Jacqueline to sign on her visit.  Your book orders need to be in by Friday, March 1oth!!

What do you like about the Alice-Miranda books?  Do you have a favourite book?

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12 thoughts on “Jacqueline Harvey is coming to visit us!

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  2. Dear Miss Y,
    What an incredible coincidence that the week I read and post about Alice Miranda is the same week you are hosting an author visit with Jacqueline Harvey! I bet your students are very excited about meeting this author. I hope you will take photos and tell your readers all about it!
    Please tell her hello from Seattle! We found out about her fun book from our friends in Leopold!
    Mrs. Hembree

  3. Hi Mrs Hembree

    I also thought what an amazing coincidence when I read your blog post about Alice-Miranda (while I was eating my breakfast)!

    It’s interesting to see that the Alice-Miranda book cover is different to our covers here in Australia. Jacqueline Harvey is doing her book tour for “ALice-Miranda in New York” here in Australia and then she is heading over to America to visit some schools there. I will ask her tomorrow if she is going to be near your school.

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Dear Miss Y,

    Wow! how wonderful that your having a visit from Jacqueline Harvey. Somehow I know this is going to be an awesome experience for you all.

    I read your comment on Mrs Hembree’s blog and I was wrapped for you.

    Yes, I agree with you Miss Y what a coincidence as they say great minds think a like. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


  5. Hi AA,

    So lovely to hear from you again!

    I was so surprised to read Mrs Hembree’s blog post and was amazed by the coincidence!

    We are very excited about Jacqueline’s visit and I’ll post some photos so you and BB can share our day…

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Dear Miss Y,
    Awesome post.
    Thank you, Thank you so much for sending me this lovely parcel. Miss Y you made my day by sending me this special parcel. And you even got it signed for me by Jacqueline Harvey WoW!

    I was so surprised when I looked in my letter box and saw a parcel. When I opened the parcel there was an Alice Miranda book and it was her latest one at that. I am so over joyed and excited that I have got happy tears in my eyes. Also the letter you wrote to me was so beautiful too.

    Thank you also for the wonderful book mark I will treasure it.

    I am reading the first book of Alice Miranda once again. I am looking forward to reading the delicious adventure about Alice Miranda in New York.

    Thank you so much. I have got a little surprise for you now Miss Y please check out my blog.

    From a very grateful friend,
    Bianca. 🙂

    PS I hope you do not mind me using your photo on your blog.

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  8. Dear Bianca

    I’m so pleased you have received your special surprise!

    After I read Mrs Hembree’s post I discovered you were an Alice-Miranda fan. I knew you would have loved to meet Jacqueline Harvey, but that wouldn’t be possible SO asking Jacqueline to sign a book for you was the next best thing! When I explained that the book was for you, Jacqueline was so pleased to sign it and write you a special message.

    I have already read “Alice-Miranda in New York” and I know you are going to be in for a real treat.

    Happy reading Bianca…

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Dear Miss Y and Jacqueline Harvey,

    I would like to thank you both for the most wonderful and generous gifts which you sent to BB. I was just as thrilled as she was for I didn’t even realize there was a parcel in the mail box until BB walked into the house with it in her hands. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

    She even had one of her friends come into the house and helped her open her package. I wish I had a camera for the look on her face was truly priceless. Then to top it off the book mark and having the book signed by Jacqueline herself wow!

    Your letter Miss Y is beautiful and so beautifully written that BB has put it up on display along with the card which you sent us just recently.

    You both have made a very little girl so happy and what is even better is BB said to me mum dreams really do come true! I just thought to myself, yes dreams really do come true if you really believe.

    Thank you to you both from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful act of kindness.

    Sincerely from a very happy mum,
    AA 🙂

  10. Dear AA

    Thank you for your lovely message. It was my absolute pleasure to send BB her book!

    You both were so thoughtful and generous in sending us books after our LRC flood. This is a way to return your kindness (and support such an enthusiastic reader!).

    I just wish I had been there to see the look on BB’s face when she opened her package!

    BB is right…dreams really do some true!

    Take care,

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Wow the power of global connection through blogging. BB now you know first hand how lucky we are to have such a thoughtful teacher-librarian at St Martin’s.

    Mrs Stewart (Principal)

    PS Congratulations BB on your impressive blog!

  12. @ Mrs Stewart,
    Awesome comment and thank you for writing about me in your comment.

    I agree Miss Y is such a thoughtful lady for sending me
    the latest book of Alice Miranda and getting it signed as well. Wow!

    Thank you Mrs Stewart for saying my blog is impressive.

    Miss Y blog is amazing too.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter and receive heaps of chocolate Easter eggs too!


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