16 thoughts on “Happy Library Lovers Day!

  1. One of my favourite times in our LRC is before school borrowing. I love having a chat with our “regulars”; seeing parents reading to their children; friends sharing a book together; children browsing the shelves or sitting in a cosy spot lost in their book.

    At this time of the morning everyone is happy being in the LRC doing their own thing…it feels like home.

  2. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    1. The LRC is the place where most of my friends meet.
    2. I LOVE all of the books!!
    From Marcus C

  3. Happy library lovers day!

    This library gets better and better every year and I bet this year will be the best!


  4. Hi Miss Yeomans,
    Happy Library Lovers Day!
    Our library is truly many ‘lovely’ small spaces for all of us to quietly enjoy, within a welcoming ‘lovely’ big space.
    The LRC is a ‘Love-ly’ place to be!

  5. Dear Ms. Yeomans,

    Happy Library Lovers Day! We love the LRC. It is the place to be. We love reading all the books. We also love your gorgeous story chair.And 2TM love you too.

    Have you got back all the books that were damaged in the rain?

    From all of us in 2TM

  6. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    We can’t wait till we resume our Library classes.We’re happy that the LRC is nearly back to what it was. The blog looks great as usual and the books are back on the shelves.
    A special hello to Hugless Douglas, hope he’s not too traumatised by the water!
    We will give him hugs when we see him again,
    Wishing you a happy Library lovers day!
    Hugs and kisses,

  7. Hi Miss Y,
    Here are some of the things 4EH students love about the LRC:
    ~ I love the way I can borrow what I want
    ~ I like the fact that there is now plenty of room
    ~ I like how it’s so colourful. It just cheers me up everytime
    ~ I love all the books
    ~ I love how we can reserve books
    ~ I like how the books are easy to find
    ~ I like the variety of books to choose from
    ~ I like how we now have comfy spots to sit in to read
    ~ Its so big and colourful
    ~ I like how every morning you can look out the windows and see the sun
    ~ I like how next to the picture story books you have the main character next to it.


  8. Hi Miss Y,
    The things I like about the LRC are: playing on the ipads, reading information and Go-girl books and just to come and see you.
    Love from Ella R 😀

  9. Hello Miss Yeomans
    Happy Library Lovers Day.
    I have just started reading the new book in the Australian Girl series called Meet Alice, it sooooo good. It’s was really sad that the library got flooded, but I guess some schools got hit harder. Exspecly Eltham College. I can’t wait to get to borrow for the library again. Have a great day
    From Anna 5VW

  10. Happy Book Lover’s Day to all the students, teachers and parents at St Martin’s who are lucky to have a WONDERFUL LRC and the BEST Teacher Librarian in the whole wide world.

    All libraries have books and resources to borrow but St Martin’s LRC is the only library that has our FABULOUS Miss Yeomans and you Miss Yeomans are the best thing I love about our libray. Not only do you know what books I love to read you know what every child in the school reads and enjoys. You also spend endless hours thinking, planning, buying and making the LRC look and feel warm, welcoming, interesting, informative and engaging and your lessons are stimulating.

    Thank you Miss Yeomans we are blessed to have you.

    Mrs Trish Stewart.

  11. Dear Miss Y,

    Both BB and I are so happy to see and read that your library is back!

    Thank you so much for your beautiful hand written card you sent BB and I. We are so very grateful.

    May your new library and books bring you and the children heaps of joy and happy reading.

    AA. 🙂

  12. Hi 2TM

    We have copies of lots of the books that were damaged in the rain, but we won’t be able to replace some of them because they are out of print. We will get a brand new different book instead if the book is out of print.

    There are lots of books waiting to be covered in my office!

    Miss Y 🙂

  13. Hi Anna

    I have bought both of the new Australian Girl books for our LRC. I’m glad you have your own copy already!

    I hope Eltham College has fixed a lot of its damage so their students can start their new school year on a positive note.

    Miss Y 🙂

  14. Hi Miss Y,

    Thank you so much for being such a great librarian for us.

    These are some of the things that me and my sister Ellie like about the LRC
    .the view
    .the books
    .the blue feature wall
    .the space
    .the spotlights
    .the pillows
    .your desk top
    and best of all the story chair!

    From Mac and Ellie R

  15. Hi Mac and Ellie

    Thank you for taking the time to write about your favourite things in our LRC. What a great list! We are so lucky to have our beautiful new LRC at long last.

    I would love to have our Story Chair at my house so I could snuggle up in it with a good book…

    Miss Y 🙂

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