Thank you to our LRC friends

When things in life take an unexpected turn that’s when your friends are there for you…

After our LRC Flood our teacher librarian friend in Seattle, Mrs Hembree wrote a post on her Bulldog Reader’s Blog about our flood damage.  She wanted to help us in some way and kindly encouraged people to donate a book to our LRC.  Imagine my surprise, excitement and tears when I received lots of little packages in the post from generous people who had sent us books to replace our damaged books!

A HUGE thank you to….

Julie Hembree from Seattle, Washington, USA

Judith Way from Kew High School

 Michael Jongen from Preshil, Kew

 Heather Stapleton from St Joseph’s College, Newtown, Geelong

Kathleen Morris from Leopold Primary School, Geelong

Alma and Bianca from Leopold Primary School, Geelong

Jasmine Dwyer from Top End Group Schools, Darwin


We can’t wait to read our new books!!

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4 thoughts on “Thank you to our LRC friends

  1. Thanks Kim. It was great to call in last week and see everything looking fantastic again. Well done.

  2. We have been amazed and overjoyed by the generous gift of books that were sent to our LRC in response to Miss Yeomans’ LRC blog. She shared photos and descriptions of the Christmas Day storms and the damaged cause by excessive hail to St Martin’s new LRC.

    Since the builders have left after restoring the LRC to its former glory Miss Yeomans has been spending every precious minute trying to get resources back on the shelves.

    Thank you to all those who have donated books to our school. You are very kind.

    Trish Stewart, Principal, St Martin’s School.

  3. So happy to see the photos and know the LRC is “the place to be again”. Enjoy! 😛

  4. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    What a lovely photo of your students holding all those books! I’m so pleased that we have found a way to flatten the classrooms walls and connect with one another.

    Your library looks beautiful once again and so colorfully painted.There’s nothing like a bright, cheery library to go to for books.

    I hope we can do something for World Read Aloud Day on March 7th! I have an idea for you!

    Your Seattle friend,
    Mrs. Hembree

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