The LRC is open for borrowing this week

The LRC will be open for normal borrowing before and after school this week for Grade 1-6 classes.  So come on in and say “Hi” to Miss Y, see if you can spot any changes in the LRC  and borrow a book or two!

What’s been happening in the LRC…

The Picture Book shelves are set up again and the books are back on the shelves

The empty shelves will have books again soon!

The Fiction shelves and furniture are back in the LRC from their holiday in the Lab

The soggy, smelly, mouldy books have been bagged to go into the skip

Our new book holders have arrived and are in lots of places waiting with books  for you to borrow

Thanks to Kay and Jessica at  Ward Sagar, lots of boxes of new books have already arrived at the LRC.  This week the books will be given their barcodes, labels and our school stamp so they will be ready for covering and then finally ready for you to borrow and read and enjoy once again!

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