A fabulous “Paying it Forward” effort!

A HUGE thank you to all of the students who made Monster bookmarks, had their photo taken in our Story Chair and bought tickets in our Book Raffle.  Thanks to ALL of you we have raised…

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This will help us now to “Pay it Forward” by buying Big Books for Miss Wilkinson to teach the  children in the village in Bangladesh to read.  Now their lives will be filled with lots of new stories!

Monster Bookmarks

We had heaps of fun making our Monster bookmarks with lots of children unleashing their creativity on their bookmarks as you can see…

Monster Bookmarks on PhotoPeach


I know some students missed out on making Monster bookmarks and other students wanted to make more bookmarks at home.   You can find the instructions HERE and the template to print out HERE.  We also talked about making Christmas Monster bookmarks instead of gift tags.  You could do this using Christmas paper for your patterns!


Story Chair Photos

Our Story Chair was the “hottest seat in town” last week with LOTS of students taking the opportunity to sit in it for their photo.  It was wonderful to see children having photos with their favourite books or book toys.  Some students came dressed up or brought their own props, others organised group photos and some even included younger brothers and sisters in their photo.  I think after all of his photos we can now declare “Hugless Douglas” is NO LONGER hugless after the hugs he received all week long!!


There are lots of photos to enjoy…

Book Raffle

Stay tuned for the results of our Book Raffle that will be drawn on Tuesday…

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7 thoughts on “A fabulous “Paying it Forward” effort!

  1. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    Have loved taking a peek at the story chair pictures. Some very happy and creative poses.

    I thought I might have seen some children from 2TM!!

    Great to see the Library so alive!

    From Ms. Tieppo

  2. These bookmarks look fantastic! I love all the variety, and the creativity that went into these. Beautiful work! I’m so glad my tutorial is being used. 🙂

  3. Hi Tally

    How exciting to have you visit our blog!

    We loved using the bookmark idea on your blog. We had LOTS of fun creating our own Monster bookmarks and each one was unique.

    I’m sure you will have lots of students visiting your blog to download the template so they can make more Monster bookmarks at home. They were such a hit!

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Dear Miss. Y,
    Merry Christmas! I had fun making the monster bookmarks. When we were making the bookmarks you said you will put the monster bookmark template on the blog.

    From Jasmine 😛

  5. Hi Jasmine

    If you look carefully under the Monster Mash video you will see links instructions and the template for the Monster Bookmarks…

    Merry Christmas to you and your family too! Have a great holiday and when I see you next year you will be in Grade 3!!

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Love the pictures of the story chair, with so many great props. Very pleased to see Miss Y featuring in one of them too. Enjoy a well earned break Kim!

  7. Hi Karen

    We had lots of fun taking the photos. One of our Preps even used their photo as their family Christmas photo!

    Hope you have a well deserved break.

    Kim 🙂

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