Congratulations to our Premiers’ Reading Challenge Participants

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Congratulations to ALL of the students who participated in the PRC this year!  I hope you have enjoyed participating in the the PRC and read some fabulous books along the way.

Lots of books were read during the PRC…


Image: ‘Day 164: Cozied Up’


Prep had 6 readers who read 306 books

Year 1 had 18 readers who read 751 books

Year 2 had 12 readers who read 625 books

Year 3 had 22 readers who read 562 books

Year 4 had 25 readers who read 801 books

Year 5 had 9 readers who read 286 books

Year 6 had 9 readers who read 143 books

Don’t forget to buy your copy of the Sunday Age on November 27th to see your name on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge Honour Roll!


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9 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Premiers’ Reading Challenge Participants

  1. Thanks Miss Yeomans for sharing the total number of books read by the students from St Martin’s in the Premier’s Reading challenge. Great to see that there were readers at each grade level. Thanks Miss Yeomans for supporting the students with their reading and congratulations to all the wonderful readers who participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge from St Martin’s school. I wonder if there was a popular book at each grade level.
    Trish Stewart

  2. Hi Martin

    It’s great to see you borrowing regularly and enjoying your reading! You’re becoming a bookworm!

    Do you have a favourite book from the Wimpy Kid series?

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Thank you Miss Yeomans for all the wonderful work you do in the library & for making it a wonderful place for the children when they visit. Jade looks forward to her time in the library & really enjoys finding new books to read. It’s great to see her excitement when she brings her new library books home – it can be hard to get her attention that night as she sneaks off and tries to read both books before she goes to sleep, & sometimes accomplishing it. It can be a long wait between library visits!!
    Thanks again, Sue

  4. Hi Sue

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    It’s wonderful to see Jade and her friends borrowing and also recommending books to each other when they come to the LRC. I hope Jade isn’t losing too much sleep!

    We are building up a great selection of books for our students to borrow and they regularly recommend books for me to buy.

    The LRC is open for borrowing before and after school every day. That way students can borrow a new book whenever they need one so they’re never without a great book to read!! (Now the LRC is back on Top Yard it’s even easier to come in)

    Kim Yeomans 🙂

  5. Hi Miss Yeomans,
    I hope the kangaroo is safe at the Melbourne zoo. I was excited when the reading challenge started. I loved my certificate.
    Love Ava.J

  6. Hi Ava

    I’m sure the hospital at the Melbourne Zoo is taking great care of our kangaroo. He’s lucky to be there!

    I’m glad you loved your certificate because you definitely earned it by reading 50 books for the Reading Challenge! I hope you are very proud of your great reading effort. I wonder if you will be like Emma G in Grade 6 who has participated in the PRC every year she has been at school.

    Did you have a favourite book that you read in the Reading Challenge, Ava?

    See you in the LRC on Thursday when we make our Bookmark Monsters…

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. Hi Miss Y
    You are right, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Andy Griffiths books are very popular. Most of my books were the books you mentioned. It is amazing that our whole school read 3474 books. I am really excited to make the bookmark on Wednesday. My friends and I have also discussed about our picture on the story chair. Thank you for holding these really cool fundraisers for really good reasons! Once again, THANK YOU! ;-D
    Monica 5D;-)

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