“There’s a kangaroo on Top Yard!”

Today was already going to be an exciting day at school because parents were setting up for the School Fair on Bottom Yard.  Little did we know how exciting it was about to become.

It all started about 11am when 6SC were out playing a game of  Dodge Ball on Top Yard when a kangaroo came hopping across the yard! (Some students said it was the BEST game of Dodge Ball ever!!)

Next thing we all heard an announcement saying “There is a kangaroo on Top Yard and everyone has to stay inside”.  Teachers madly checked with each other to see if they heard the announcement correctly!!  Marcus C in 3S was in the Computer Lab when he looked up to see the kangaroo outside the Lab and LRC…what a surprise!!

The kangaroo then made its way to the corner of the yard near 1M’s classroom where it felt a bit safer.  Miss Y ventured out to help and also took her camera….


“There’s a kangaroo on Top Yard!” on PhotoPeach

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31 thoughts on ““There’s a kangaroo on Top Yard!”

  1. Exciting stuff! We often get stray dogs wandering into the playground but I can’t say we’ve ever had a kangaroo. At my old school, we were told to stay in our classrooms at the start of recess as our Principal was trying to deal with a tiger snake sunning itself just outside our Early Years building.

    Thanks for the great video retelling your adventure 🙂

  2. Hello LRC kids!

    Skippy! Oh I just laughed and laughed when I saw your Photo Peach! What a thrill to have Skippy the Kangaroo hop by and visit you! Luckily the park rangers were on hand to help out.

    I wonder what Skippy was trying to tell you? A secret animal message perhaps? A question about the year 4 sleep over? A favourite story he wants you to read?

    Kangaroos hop into our school and surrounds all the time. Our school is surrounded by bushland and so animals love wandering around. We have chooks that wander up to classrooms. We have buffalo, calves, pigs, ducks and more at our school.

    What is your favourite Australian animal?

    Thanks for your funny blog post!

    From Miss Dwyer in the NT


  3. OMG! What an exciting day! I bet the children are still talking about it. Great slideshow Kim! You were very brave to venture out with a big kangaroo in the yard. I love the photos of the kids looking out the windows and doors, so cute.

    Great work!


  4. Yes it was a very exciting day at SMOT yesterday!

    1M were kind enough let Prep D in their classroom so we could have a look too.

    I’m glad our very own ‘skippy’ will be looked after at the Melbourne Zoo.

    Miss Driscoll

  5. Hi Mrs Light

    Thanks for your comment. It really was an exciting morning! We had to miss our Recess too.

    When I was teaching in Brisbane I had a snake come into the Library and make itself at home on the desk in my office!! I was wondering if it wanted my job! I was very relieved to find out that it was harmless, but I was glad when it was removed from my desk.

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Hi Miss Dwyer

    I think quite a few of our students would love to go to your school so they could meet all of the animals that wander around your school. We have bush land at the nearby army barracks and we think the kangaroo might have come from there.

    Prep D popped in to spend some time in the LRC where it was cooler so I read them a kangaroo Christmas story called “Brucie Saves Christmas”. Brucie is like Rudolph except he’s a kangaroo.

    I think our special friend Mick might have told the kangaroo to head to our school because he knew we would look after it. It might also be Mick’s way of letting Miss Y and the North Melbourne supporters know that next year the Kangas might win the AFL Premiership!!

    Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. Hi Miss W

    The Junior classes had the best view in the school – lucky things!

    I was quite safe on Top yard from where I was. It certainly was exciting when I went around to help catch the kangaroo. I helped hold down the tail and managed to take some photos. It was a bit like Steve Irwin catching crocodiles when everyone held the kangaroo down!

    There’s always something happening at St Martin’s!

    Miss Y 🙂

  8. What an exciting day at St Martin’s School. Thank you Miss Yeomans for recording this event for all the school community. You are clever using “Skippy” music to add to your slide show; it makes it authentic.
    It is interesting to see that out of all the places on top yard and all the different gardens that the kangaroo decided to rest in the Indigeneous Garden. Perhaps he found the native flora comforting.
    I wonder where he came from?
    It was great to hear that the Wildlife Officers have taken the kangaroo to be treated at the Royal Melb Zoo.
    Trish Stewart

  9. Dear LRC Blog people,

    Wow! A kangaroo in your school yard! There are mostly kangaroos in the N.T that’s amazing!! On Friday half of the school saw a Curlew. It had a sore eye. We called Darwin Wild life care and it will take care of it for 6 weeks.

    Yvonne (3/4 Dwyer NT.)

  10. Hi Yvonne

    We actually have quite a few kangaroos out this way because we have some bush areas nearby. I often see them bounding through the bush at the army barracks on my way to school.

    I’m glad the Darwin Wildlife carers could help the injured curlew.

    What other close encounters have you had with the wildlife up there in Darwin Yvonne?

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Thanks Miss Yeomans for a fantastic show of what happened to the injured kangaroo! 4E did not believe Mr T when he told us at the MCG that a kangaroo was on top yard. Loved the music. Brought back memories of sitting in front of the TV!

  12. Wow! What an exciting day for all. The things anyone will do to get into our new LRC and LAB. Well we have seen it all.

    Thanks Miss Yeomans for the great slide show. I loved your caring manner which you helped look after the injured kangaroo as well.

    Cheers Colleen Scully

  13. Hi Martin

    It certainly was a story and the Grade 4s missed it!

    I hope you enjoyed visiting the Sports Museum at the MCG. The MCG is one of my favourite places in Melbourne!

    Miss Y 🙂

  14. Hello Miss Yeomans,

    Prep D wanted to share their thoughts after watching the video…

    We think we are the first school to have a kangaroo on our yard – Ava

    It was once in a life time – Lilly

    The kangaroo was hopping around our yard. It was really good that the kangaroo went to the Melbourne Zoo hospital – Kavisha

    The video looked really good – Joshua E

    It was funny and cool – Chloe

    I hope the kangaroo is safe – James

    The kangaroo looked cute – Liam

    It was fun to see the kangaroo – Abby

    Miss Yeomans is brave – Siena

    Hooray I hope the kangaroo is safe! – Riley

    The kangaroo is a boy – Jordan

    It was an adventure – Kyle

    The kangaroo hurt himself – Jessica

    I hope the kangaroo is safe at the Melbourne Zoo – Hayley

    I hope someone reads a book to the kangaroo – Connor

    I hope the kangaroo is safe – Charlie

    What did you do when you tried to catch the kangaroo Miss Yeomans? – Caitlin

    I hope no one got a stratch from the kangaroo – Patrick

    I hope the kangaroo can jump around again – Haripriya

  15. I thought it was really cool how a kangaroo came on top yard. I wish I was there to see it! Grade Ones are lucky.


  16. Hi Georgia

    I wonder if the the kangaroo was wanting to try out the new rubber surface on Top Yard to see what it was like to jump on?

    Miss Y 🙂

  17. Hi Martin

    Isn’t it wonderful that the Sports Museum at the MCG has so many treasures people can go and see like Don Bradman’s cap.

    Miss Y 🙂

  18. Hi Prep Delicious

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the kangaroo on Top Yard. What wonderful comments!

    It certainly was an adventure and exciting to see the kangaroo on Top Yard. Kangaroos are beautiful Australian animals. It was sad to see the kangaroo had been injured. It was wonderful to see how the Wildlife Rangers took great care to catch the kangaroo with a net and kept it cool with wet sheets. The hospital at the Melbourne Zoo will definitely take care of our kangaroo!

    I promise I was careful outside with the kangaroo and didn’t get too close to take the photos!

    Great typing Miss Driscoll!

    See you in the LRC on Thursday, Prep Delicious…

    Miss Y 🙂

  19. Hi Everyone!!
    I was on top yard when the kangaroo came and it was pretty scary. We were in the middle of our dodge ball game when out of all things a KANGAROO comes onto top yard!!!! Must have wanted to join in the game. In 40 years that is definitely what I will remember 6SC as!!!

    From Katherine

  20. Hi Mehul

    As you can see from the slideshow, the Wildlife Rangers had to put in a lot of thought about the safest way for them and the kangaroo to catch the kangaroo. Using the net was the best option and I thought they were very brave holding the net as the kangaroo jumped into it!

    Miss Y 🙂

  21. Hi Katherine

    I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the students in 6SC as the kangaroo appeared on Top Yard!

    This is definitely a great story to share with your own children one day…

    Miss Y 🙂

  22. Hi Miss Y,

    I was in 2TM when I heard that a kangaroo was in the school! Things like this do happen but on the school fete OMG! That would be the best day in 2011!

    If this was footy day you would be very happy… GO KANGAS FOR YOU!

    bye Miss Y

    Ella R 😀

  23. Hi Ella

    You were lucky to be in 2TM where they had a great “bird’s eye” view of the kangaroo! Did you get to see the kangaroo from their classroom or did you go back to your room to watch from there?

    If it was Footy day I would have been very excited to have a real kangaroo mascot for our Kangas team. Lucky I put the”Skippy” music on the slideshow and not the “Kangas” club song!!

    Miss Y 🙂

  24. Hi Ms.Y,

    Wasn’t it amazing that there was a REAL kangaroo on topyard! 😛 😀

    Well, it’s once in a lifetime experience.

    I wonder what’s the story behind the kangaroo’s leg? Hmm….

    From Viduni 🙂

  25. Hi Viduni

    It certainly was amazing to have a kangaroo on Top Yard. Although, I’m rather glad it was a kangaroo and not a poisonous snake!!

    I wonder if the kangaroo came across from the Army Barracks as I see them jumping around there sometimes on my way to school. Some people said the kangaroo might have been hit by a car or truck when crossing the road or maybe it could have hurt its leg when jumping a fence.

    It’s a shame we aren’t like Dr Dolittle so we could talk to the kangaroo and find out what really happened!

    Miss Y 🙂

  26. Me = We were at the MCG!!! Everything happens at school when I’m not there!!!
    Mum = Mr Connelly you are funny!!!!

  27. Hi Alana

    Your comment made me laugh!

    Even if you were at school you probably wouldn’t have been able to see much of the action from 4V. The MCG is one of my favourite places so I would have been happy to be there!

    Mr Connelly was having a joke while we were waiting and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of his kangaroo impersonation….of course I had to add it to the slideshow!

    Miss Y 🙂

  28. :p
    I love that story !!
    A still can’t believe that a kangaroo was on our new top yard!!!!
    MarcusCa 🙂

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