Paying it forward…

Have you heard about “paying it forward”?

“Paying it forward” happens when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.

At St Martin’s, we are lucky to have been given money by the Federal government to build our new LRC, computer lab and Year 6 classrooms.  We now have a wonderful opportunity to “Pay it forward”…

Miss Wilkinson taught at St Martin’s about 5 years ago.  She left us to work with Moira Kelly and now she teaches in Bangladesh.  As you can see, Miss Wilkinson is a special person with a very big heart who gives so much of herself to help others.  Last term Miss Wilkinson sent an email asking if we had any Big Books we no longer needed that she could use to teach her students to read in India.  Miss Wilkinson works at an International school  as well as a village school.  The village  school can’t afford to buy books.  Learning to read will change the lives of the students and hopefully give them educational opportunities to help them improve their lives and the lives of their families.



Miss Wilkinson teaches at an International school.








Miss Wilkinson also teaches in the village school.  

 Here she is at the village well.





Miss Wilkinson explained that the village school educates about 70 village children.  The building is basic and has 2 toilets (holes in the ground) and a well that supplies good drinking water from deep earth wells.  The children are enthusiastic learners and the teachers are eager to learn new skills and prepare these children for the opportunity of secondary school.

Bangladesh village on PhotoPeach


We are going to pay our good luck forward by raising money to buy new Big Books for the children in the village in Bangladesh….



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9 thoughts on “Paying it forward…

  1. I think this is a brilliant idea and I will try to raise some money by buying the book marks and entering the draw to win the raffle.

    Martin 🙂

  2. Hi Martin

    I hope these are fun ways for us to raise money for the Big Books to help the children in the village school learn to read.

    I think we’ll have to make LOTS of Monster bookmarks!!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y

    Those kids look so poor.
    It is a good idea that we can give a gold coin.
    I am with Martin


  4. I hope we raise lots of money for those people. They look poor and at least we are doing the right thing for them and we are trying to make them more happy.


  5. Hi Miss Y

    I just love the Alice Miranda books they’re the best! I bought the first and second Alice Miranda book and Mary my sister bought the third and fourth book so now me and my sister’s Alice Miranda books together makes the series! I am so excited that Jacqueline Harvey is writing the fifth Alice Miranda book and maybe next year Jacqueline Harvey could write the sixth Alice Miranda book. I am a fan of Alice Miranda books. Thanks so much for taking our photo on the Story Chair.


  6. Dear Miss.Y,

    When Olivia was in primary school she had Miss. Wilkinson, when I told liv that she was in India she laughed and said I knew she’d do that.

    From Jasmine 😛

  7. Hi Miss Y
    I think the idea of the raffle, photos and the bookmarks are great ways to raise money for the schools in Bangladesh and to help an old friend of the schools. I hope we raise lots of money.


  8. Dear Miss Y
    ‘Pay it Forward’ is a phenomenal way to appreciate what you have and bring the same joy to others in a simple selfless act. You should be very proud of the global contributions you are engaging in.

    Your acts of kindness remind me of my favourite author (this week!) Amy KR. Check out her random acts of kindness!

    and this one!

    Have a great day!
    Miss Dwyer

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