A Guest post by Matthew C…

Ever wanted to build your own creations? Well Minecraft is the best option for you.

Minecraft is an excellent game for creative people.  It is one of the most creative games ever! You can build villages, cities, towns and more things, even libraries in a 3D world!

There are four different types of levels to challenge you: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.

Mining is part of the game.  You can mine coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, gold and diamonds.  You can use multiple building blocks  to create your buildings eg. wooden planks, bricks and glass.

I got into Minecraft because of the creativity and the building side of it.  I like architecture and that’s why I like Minecraft.

This is the main town with the city in the background
This has Mini Game Mania, McDonalds and the Library
This is the airport
This is a village I’ve made with a friend by using the multi-player function

If you are interested in finding out more about Minecraft you can ask me some questions in the Comments section.

Matthew C  6CZ

Matthew has asked me to add these pictures by Alexander T.  Alexander has created two murals – Colours of the Sky and Deep Dark Forest.  Great job Alexander!

 Thank you for your guest post Matthew.  After seeing what you have created with Lego, I’m not surprised that you also enjoy creating and building with Minecraft.  I love the Library you created for me!  I’m sure your images will inspire other students to be creative with Minecraft.

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16 thoughts on “Minecraft

  1. There is another very good program by Google its called Google SketchUp!


  2. Great creations Matthew. I think you will choose a career in design of some sort.
    Thanks for sharing this great resource with all of us at St Martin’s
    Keep on creating designs and structures.
    Mrs Stewart

  3. Hi Jordan

    You’re another creative person like Matthew!

    I know a bit about Google Sketchup, but I’d love to learn more. I wonder if you would like to do a blog post about it for us?

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. I’ve got a question Matthew. I tried to download the game but it did not work. It said that I needed to pay when I wanted to get the free version to see how good it was. So how do you get the free version?

    Please help me I really want to play it, it looks awesome!


  5. Hi Adrian,

    Well I bought the game at the very start. I will try and find out a way for you to get the free version. I have some friends who got the free version and I will ask them how they did it.

    Thanks for going to have a look at it.

    Matthew C 6CZ

  6. Hey Matt!

    I was laughing HEAPS when i saw you posted this! I love minecraft, My bro plays minecraft 24/7 (and I never get a shot on the computer) and guess what….? My bro is Matthew as well! (also, on minecraft I’ve made heaps of things, like Homer Simpson, churches, buildings houses and more!)

    Continue mining!

    From, Jennifer 5D

  7. Jen again!

    This is for Adrian…

    I have the free version and go online, and its heaps of fun!
    Well, first… if you dont have an account yet, click the top of the screen where it says “Register” (if you already have an account, and its verified, skip to 5)
    2. Fill in the info, and click “register” (below all of the information)
    3. It should say to “verify your account” so go on your emails, and click wherever it says to click.
    4. This should take you back to minecraft.
    5. Sign into your account on minecraft
    6. Click home once you’re in your account, and where it says “Buy Now!” underneath that, it will say “play minecraft Beta”.
    Underneath that again, it will say “Play Minecraft Classic (outdated,but free)….
    7. JUST underneath that text, it will say multiplayer, and singleplayer.
    8. Singleplayer is offline, multiplayer is online.
    9. If you click multiplayer, there will be a number of servers that you can choose from. (I prefer freebuild servers)
    10. Click a server that you like, it will load, and once it had loaded, click the screen, and you’re free to go!

    From, Jen 5D
    (P.S, I like giving lectures about these things 🙂

  8. Hi Adrian (and anyone else following Jennifer’s instructions)

    Check with your parents first that they are happy for you to do this to get the free version of Minecraft. Perhaps they could sit with you and follow the steps with you.

    You might also like to have a chat with Jennifer at school.

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Matt C,

    Don’t worry, I’m always happy to help 🙂
    If you’ve got any questions of the game as well (although, I don’t think you will need to ask any questions, since you are an experienced minecrafter) ask me, because my brother knows pretty much, everything abou the game!!

    From Jen 5D…. 😀

  10. Hi Everyone

    If you want the join us the server IP is:
    The port 25565 is the default for minecraft, but you probably don’t need it.

    Matt C and I are the owners of the server. You start at a big building made by me with all the rules and info. After the spawn tutorial you will enter the Mainland, you can make a house, go to Minigame Mania, buy items from shops around the cities and so much more.


  11. To Matthew C,
    I love the things you made on Minecraft. They are so cool. My favorite thing you created on Minecraft is the mini McDonalds because it is so creative. All of the things you created are AWESOME!
    from Amy

  12. I love Minecraft so much. It’s good to read what other people think about Minecraft and I also like to see what others make in the game too!!!


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