SMOT Lego Legends

At the end of last term we were inspired by Nathan Sawaya’s Lego sculptures.  I know quite a few students visited his Art of the Brick exhibition here in Melbourne over the holidays and were most impressed!

Some of our students have taken up the challenge to share their Lego creations with us.  What clever, creative and patient people they are…

(Don’t forget to click the arrows at the bottom to make  the slide full screen!)

If you want me to to add photos of your Lego creations you can put your usb (with your name on it in my Orange Basket) OR  email me at the LRC (my email address is on the LRC MyClasses page)

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3 thoughts on “SMOT Lego Legends

  1. Thank you Miss Yeomans for making the slide show to show all the fabulous lego creations . We have creative chidren at St Martin’s.

    Mrs Stewart

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