Charlie and Lola

The Charlie and Lola books written and illustrated by Lauren Child are some of the most borrowed books in our LRC. Charlie and Lola also have their own TV show…

My favourite Charlie and Lola story is

Charlie and Lola

I love reading this story to the new Preps when they are learning about borrowing at our LRC.  I have lots of fun reading Lola’s parts! I’m glad that none of the Preps  so far have been like Lola if someone else borrowed the book they wanted at the LRC…thank goodness!

Which is your favourite Charlie and Lola book?  Why?

Have some fun on the CBeebies website with Charlie and Lola playing games, listening to stories and making things…

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28 thoughts on “Charlie and Lola

  1. Hi Judith

    Clarice Bean books are popular too! Lauren Child creates such fun characters that children (and adults) can easily relate to..

    I am a real fan of her illustration style as well as her stories.

    Kim 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Y

    My favourite book is “I’ve Won, No I’ve Won, No I’ve Won”. I like this book because when they play Snakes and Ladders, Charlie wins but Lola pretends to be a snake charmer!

    Annabel 1C

  3. Hi Miss Y

    My favourite book is “I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomat”o because it is funny.

    Claire 1M

  4. Hi Miss Y,

    My favourite Charlie and Lola book is “Thunder completely does not scare me” because it’s funny!


  5. Hi Annabel

    Thank you for helping us learn how to leave a comment on the LRC Blog today.

    I love the way Lola does lots of funny things to try and trick Charlie!

    Miss Y 😀

  6. Hi Claire

    Thank you for helping us learn how to leave a comment on the LRC Blog today.

    If I was Lola then my book would have to be called I Will Not Ever Never Eat Green Peas!

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. My favourite Charlie and Lola book is ‘This is actually my party’, because I love the way that Lola decorated Charlie’s party, especially her cake making station.

  8. Hi Daisy

    A great job with your comment on our LRC Blog.

    I think I might need to get Jambo to watch Thunder Completely does Not scare me so he doesn’t worry about thunder when it rumbles!

    Miss Y 😀

  9. Hi Ella

    I just knew you would be here to leave a comment about your favourite Charlie and Lola book.

    Poor Charlie has to put up with a lot from his little sister Lola. She must drive him crazy sometimes!

    Miss Y 🙂

  10. Hi Miss Y

    My favourite book is “But Excuse me that is my book” because it is about reading and I love reading!

    Monique 2V

  11. Hi Miss Y

    My favourite book is “Boo! Made you jump!” because Charlie surprises Lola every time and Lola tries to surprise Charlie and Charlie does not jump.

    Patrick PD

  12. Hi Lauren

    You’re lucky to have your own Charlie and Lola colouring book!

    I’ve seen your wonderful drawings in the LRC and bet you could draw your own colourful pictures of Charlie and Lola.

    Miss Y 🙂

  13. To Miss Y,
    Zoe and I have 6 Charlie and Lola books.
    How do you get all of these Library books?

  14. Hi Izzy and Zoe

    It sounds like you have your own Charlie and Lola library at your house! Do you have a favourite story?

    I buy our Library books from book shops and sometimes on the internet with the school’s money. I LOVE choosing new books to buy for us to read at our Library!

    I’m so glad that Zoe will now easily be able to come to the new LRC to hear our wonderful books!

    Miss Y 😀

  15. Hi Miss Y

    My best book is “But Excuse Me That Is MY book!” I love reading Charlie and Lola and more books, but I love that I always read Charlie and Lola books.

    Love Madhu 2V

  16. Hi Madhu

    We like the same book!

    Have you borrowed all of our Charlie and Lola books in the LRC?

    Miss Y 🙂

  17. Hi Miss Y,

    My favourite Charlie and Lola story is ‘But Marv is Absolutely Charlies best friend’.

    From Jasmine 🙂

  18. Hi Miss Y,
    Thank-you for showing me how to get on the LRC blog. Now I can get on it any time and any way which is fun.
    I also want to thank-you for letting me in the new library because it looks cool.

    Love From Daisy :):)

  19. Hi Daisy

    Yay! You found the LRC Blog – well done! I’m sure you will find lots to look at and do on our LRC Blog.

    The new LRC is pretty cool! You can’t tell anyone in your class about it though so they get a lovely surprise just like you did.

    Miss Y 🙂

  20. Hi Miss Y,
    Thanks for the reply. Why I chose THIS Charlie and Lola book is because Lola and Lotta thought that Charlie and Marv aren’t best friends anymore.

    From Jasmine 2TM 🙂

  21. Hi Jasmine

    Thanks for explaining why this is your favourite Charlie and Lola book.

    Did you see a book you might like to borrow from the New Books today?

    Miss Y 🙂

  22. Hi Miss Y,
    My favourite book is “But that’s my book” because Lola loves “Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies” and doesn’t want anyone else to borrow it. But then she discovers a new book called “Cheetahs and chimpanzees” and she is happy.
    Love From Erin.

  23. Hi Erin

    It’s great to hear from you!

    Phew – isn’t it good that Lola found another book she liked.

    There are so many wonderful books to borrow when you visit a library – sometimes it’s hard to choose!

    How do you decide which book you want to borrow when you come to our LRC?

    Miss Y 😛

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