The 100th country has visited our LRC Blog

On March 29th last year I added a Flag Counter to our LRC Blog as a way of seeing who visited our LRC Blog.  When a person from a country first visits our blog their country flag is added to our counter. The Flag Counter then shows how many visits we have  from each country.  We have enjoyed watching the flags appear on the various continents and been amazed that people in other parts of the world visit our blog!  It is exciting to see that our LRC doesn’t have four walls anymore because we can share what we do with people around the world through our LRC Blog!!

This is a picture of the flags representing the countries that have visited our blog…


Click on the picture to make it bigger

 Today our 100th country visited our LRC Blog!

Our 100th visitor was from Lebanon and they visited our Wimp Yourself blog post!

Thank you to all of the people who have visited our LRC Blog!


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8 thoughts on “The 100th country has visited our LRC Blog

  1. Wow Miss Y thats very impressive! I can see why there are so many visitors! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on reaching 100 countries visiting!!

    Tom Joshua and Matt 6CZ

  3. Congrats on the blog !!!!.

    It’s a great reception seeing you didn’t put the Flag counter up that long ago. It’s a sick blog.


  4. Good-day

    Congratulations on your one hundredth country to visit the blog, that is AWESOME.

    I like the Lego thing

    Jacques 6SC

  5. Congratulations Ms. Yeomans!

    You must be very proud, 100 countries visiting the LRC Blog. There is always something exciting happening in the library. I can’t wait for the new library to open in Term 3. Wonderful things are going to happen in there that will be shown on the LRC Blog.

    From Mrs. Mosbauer

  6. Congratulations on getting 100 countries looking at your blog Ms. Yeomans.

    from Amanda H

  7. Hi Amanda

    It’s great to hear from you!

    I hope that you and your family are settling into your new home and that you are enjoying your new school and making friends.

    Miss Y 😀

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