The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition

This is one exhibition you won’t want to miss!! 

The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition will be at Federation Square
June 2 – September 30  (10am – 5pm)
Click here for information

I know from doing Wet Day duty in classrooms that we have lots of students who love building and creating with Lego.  Nathan Sawaya is a New York artist and Lego Master Model Builder who takes creating with Lego to a whole new level!  He is recognised all over the world for the large scale 3D sculptures he creates out of Lego bricks.  

You can see some of Nathan’s amazing Lego sculptures at his online gallery   (Click on the images to make them bigger).   

I love one of his latest creations of the   Pop-Up Book   complete with a moat and castle. It is based on a poem Nathan wrote and the poem is printed on the “pages” of the book.   Imagine this book  in our LRC!! 

Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya, Lego Sculptor

  If you  go to this exhibition we would love to hear from you!

What do you like best about making things with Lego?

Which is your  favourite sculpture by Nathan Sawaya?

Do you have photos of your own Lego sculptures we could put on the LRC Blog?
(You can give them to me by using a photo, a usb or by emailing me)

Ben and Michael went along to the Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition…


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41 thoughts on “The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition

  1. AMAZING! I hope some St Martin’s students get to see this. I made a lot of things from Lego when my boys were young – we’ve kept it all in the hope of grandsons one day!

  2. WOW I’m going to see if I can make a 3D lego sculpture. It would be amazing to see that in real life
    Anna 4VL

  3. I went to see this…………………………COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favourite piece of lego art wasn’t there – the pop-up book! I really loved the giant dinosaur. I can’t believe the patterns on it. It had to be held up by wires.

    There were lots of people there!

    Eleanor 😀

  4. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    We just watched the lego clip. We LOVED it!!! Our favourite creations were the dinosaur, the fruit bowl, the city and the man holding up his head.

    We hope we get to see the exhibition.

    Love Prep D

  5. Hi Prep Delicious

    It is SO exciting that you have visited our LRC Blog AND you have left a comment!

    Aren’t the lego sculptures amazing!! When you visit me in the Library I will show you a few more photos.

    I know that lots of the boys in Prep D love making things with lego when we have Wet Day timetable and I’m in your classroom.

    I hope you get to visit the exhibition too! Let me know if you do…

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Dear Miss Y,

    I realy want to go on the The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition and see the pop up book. It is amazing what Nathan Sawaya can do with lego.

    From Martin

  7. Dear Miss Y

    That Lego Art is AMAZING. It’s got great pictures. It’s so colourful.

    From Madi Sophie and Claire from 3BP:)

  8. Hi Kim, amazing! Did you see James May’s show where he built a entire house including all its furniture etc out of lego? He then had to spend a night in it. They then had a real estate agent value it and an art dealer value it. Guess which one had the higher price?
    That’s right …The art dealer.
    Oh and the toilet even flushed.
    Lego is fantastic.
    Are we going to have our own show?

  9. Hi Mrs Scully

    Some of the students told me about the real house made of lego…amazing! (How patient woud you have to be!) I’ll have to Google it to find out more.

    Some students have given me pictures of their lego sculptures and I’ll make a “SMOT Lego Legends” slideshow…stay tuned!

    Miss Y 🙂

  10. Hi Miss Y,

    We can’t believe our eyes. We liked the part when the person was ripping himself out of the box. We could never build something so amazing!

    from Claire & Elizabeth 3BP

  11. Hi Claire and Elizabeth

    You are both creative girls and I’m sure that if you put your mind to it that you could create something pretty amazing out of lego too!

    I hope you are going to send me a photo of one of your amazing lego creations…

    Miss Y 🙂

  12. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    The lego is great. I like the hand with the table with city. I would like that job.

    From Jordan

  13. Dear Miss Y,

    We like the LRC blog and the way you have designed it.

    We like the lego images, we thought it was interesting to watch the video clips.

    Thankyou for putting your time and effort into the blog.

  14. WOW!!

    I love LEGO and I would really like to go and see this exbition! I love the bit he made a town out of lego even the table!!

  15. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    The dinosuar skeleton out of lego was awesome. I want to go and see the exhibition.
    I might try to build something for the LRC lego blog.

    From Kade.

  16. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    I liked the lego because it didn’t look like lego. Thank you for putting it on the computer. I didn’t think lego could make pictures.

    from Elanah

  17. Hi Daniel

    I am hoping to go to the exhibition too. I would love to see the T-Rex. Do you think the lego T-Rex is as big as a real T-Rex?

    Miss Y

  18. Hi Elanah

    I’m glad that you have enjoyed finding out more about lego on our LRC Blog. I didn’t know you could make pictures out of lego until I looked at the photos of Nathan’s work.

    Do you have lego at your house? You might like to make something out of lego using your imagination.

    Miss Y 🙂

  19. Hi Kade

    I wonder how many lego pieces Nathan Sawaya used to make the T-Rex. It really is awesome!

    I hope you will make something out of lego for our Lego Gallery. I have put information about it in the newsletter to tell the mums and dads.

    Do you make lots of things with lego?

    Miss Y 🙂

  20. Hi Jordan

    The lego lego city on the hand would be a LOT taller than you I think!

    Being a lego master builder would be a great job because you could build with lego every day!

    What have you made with lego Jordan?

    Miss Y 🙂

  21. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    Yes I do build stuff out of Lego and I would like to put it in the school Lego gallery. It sounds like fun.
    from Kade

  22. Dear Miss Yeomans, I think it is as big as the real Trex . Do you think he glued it all together? I do.
    from Daniel

  23. Dear Miss Yeomans, I do not have lego at home. Miss Campbell might be getting some lego for our room. It looks like fun.
    from Elanah

  24. Hi Miss Y,

    We wish we are as creative as Nathan Sawaya.

    Olivia & Chantal 6SC

  25. Hi Miss Y
    I think the pop up book is the best lego sculpture in all of the lego things he has done. The man that did this must be a genius. Nathan must have a fantastic imagination
    From Christian

  26. Hi everyone,
    The exibition on lego looks amazing!
    I really want to go but my weekends are pretty booked out for the next few weeks. 🙁
    This is for everyone that is lucky enough to go to this fantastic exibition-plese show me some pictures.:)

    From Jess C 6SC

  27. Hi Miss Y

    Those lego sculptures are amazing! I wish I could make those.

    From Shaman

  28. Hi Miss Y,

    Those lego sculptures were awesome! I wish I could make them myself.

    Daniel 🙂

  29. Hi there,
    This exhibition sounds GREAT!!
    We both really want to go see it. “Sounds very professional” says Laura! “Wow” replied Akira. We think it shouldn’t matter what age you are or gender to go see this exhibition!

    From Akira and Laura both from 6SC

  30. On the 19/6/2011 I went to the Art of the Brick. My favourite lego was the T-Rex. It was fun.

    from Nicholas S

  31. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays! I went to the Lego Exhibition yesterday and was simply amazed. It is a million times more exciting and wonderful in real life. My favourite piece was the swimmer. I think I might need to buy some lego to keep me entertained for the holidays.

    Miss Driscoll

  32. Hi Miss Driscoll

    Yay – it’s great that you had the opportunity to see the Lego exhibition! Prep Delicious will be excited to hear all about it when school resumes.

    You might be inspired to use the lego with your class on Wet Days!

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays…

    Miss Y 🙂

  33. Hi Miss Y :p

    The lego exibition is great! I got myself some lego there. It is the best lego shop ever! The photos of the new LRC are great

    Jess 3S 🙂 😛

  34. Hi Jess

    I hope you will take some photos of what you make with your new lego so we can put them on the LRC Blog!

    Miss Y 🙂

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