Mission Survival series by Bear Grylls

The books in the Mission Survival series are about to go on loan in our LRC and I think there might be a stampede of boys coming through the LRC door to borrow these books tomorrow morning! 

I know there are a lot of Man vs Wild fans amongst our students.  I watched my first episode during the school holidays and picked up a few tips for how to survive if I ever get lost in the jungle! 

You can read more about the books in the Mission Survival series by Bear Grylls here

Why are YOU a fan of  Man vs Wild?

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3 thoughts on “Mission Survival series by Bear Grylls

  1. Hi my name is Bree, and I live in New Zealand. Thank you Miss Y for visiting my blog. I really enjoy reading your posts, so far I read them all but I thought I would comment on this one. I hope you are enjoying your school term.


  2. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I think that it is great that you are letting people read The Man v Wild books. I don’t know yet but I might even try one myself.

    James 4C

    James r 4C

  3. Hi James

    The Man vs Wild books have been very popular and have quite a few reserves on them.

    I actually think you would enjoy the Man vs Wild books. If you don’t have the chance to read them this year they will be wating on the shelf for you to borrow next year!

    Miss Y 🙂

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