The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base

The latest book by Graeme Base is The Legend of the Golden Snail.



Inspired by the tale of a Magical Golden Snail banished to the Ends of the Earth by a  Grand Enchanter, a young boy named Wilbur sets out on a daring voyage to find a legendary snail and claim it as his own.  Along the way he encounters strange creatures and overcomes many challenges.  Finally he reaches the Ends of the Earth, but what he finds there is not quite as he imagined….

 See if you can find the snail’n’crossbones symbols hidden in every illustration

Watch the book trailer to find out more…



Graeme Base explains how you can use Augmented Reality to sail the Golden Snail for yourself…how cool!!! 



 Go and explore Graeme Base’s website and complete the CHALLENGE so you can activate your webcam and sail the Golden Snail for yourself!!


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6 thoughts on “The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base

  1. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    The Legend of the Golden Snail is a great book!!!

    I have found that all of Graeme Base’s books all seem to have a message and be very heartfelt.

    I love his illustrations as they tell a story with one image and the he has combined technology in with this book is amazing.

    Graeme Base is fast becoming my favourite author and illustrator!!!

    Ruby 5C

  2. Hi Ruby

    Graeme Base’s book have lots of layers to them so they appeal to lots of different ages. You’re right, his books usually have a message for the reader.

    I really like the “Quest” style in The Legend of the Golden Snail. This week the Preps created their own Snailing ships and they were very creative!

    Today Alexander T and I got the web cam working on my laptop and we were sailing the Snailing ship – very exciting!!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda

    You need to have a copy of the book to create the snailing ship. Do you have a copy?

    I have got it to work on my laptop in the LRC so I’ll be able to show the Grade Fours next week when I see you in the LRC.

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Hi Marc

    You are SO lucky to have your very own copy of The Legend of the Golden Snail! I hope you have a camera on your computer so you can sail the Snailing Ship.

    Let me know how you go!

    Miss Y 😀

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