Boy vs Beast – Battle of the Borders

Fans of the Boy vs Beast series will be excited that the next four books in the series have been released.  These books are the Battle of the Borders.

Over time the edges of the four lands (fire, rock, water and air) have mixed and they have created border-lands.  The beasts from each world also mixed and this created a new kind of combination beast – the border-land beast.  Meet the new beasts Kai has to battle…

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Book 5Tempesta (the Storm beast) 

Book 6 – Sludgia (the Mud beast)

Book 7 Isolus (the Ice Beast)

 Book 8 – Volcan (the Volcano beast)


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3 thoughts on “Boy vs Beast – Battle of the Borders

  1. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    Thank you so much for buying these books for our library!! Angus loves the Boy vs Beast series and he can’t wait to read these new ones ( though he has to finish reading all the other ones first!!!)

    From Ruby 5c

  2. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    My favourite book in the Boy vs Beast series is Isolus because he is the strongest beast. BC3 had an upgrade to give him laser eyes to burn Isolus. It was cool as.

    Oscar 1C

  3. Hi Oscar

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the LRC Blog. I know you’re a big Boy vs Beast fan! The authors have lots of cool ideas for the books don’t they. Have you read all of the books now?

    Do you have a favourite character from the series?

    Miss Y 🙂

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