Boy vs Beast series

Boy vs Beast is an exciting new fantasy series for younger readers. It is a battle of the worlds between the Beasts from Beastium and the Border Guards from Earth. There are four books in the series Aquatan, Tornados, Terradon and Infernix.

Listen to this Fotobabble to find out more about the series…

You can visit the Boy vs Beast website and read about the books, create your own beasts, enter the Battle Chamber and play the Battle of Beastium game

What do you like about the Boy vs Beast series?

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0 thoughts on “Boy vs Beast series

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  2. Dear Miss Y

    I have read all of the Boy vs Beast books. I especially like Aquatan because I like the way they draw him and describe him.

    Luca M 2D

  3. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I like Kai’s robot dog. It’s awesome how they made a robot into a dog! The gadgets are cool. It’s awesome the way kai always defeats the beasts.

    Isabella 1C

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