Myer Christmas Windows – Olivia Helps at Christmas

Olivia Helps with Christmas by Ian Falconer has been chosen for the Myer Christmas Windows this year.

Olivia Helps With Christmas is the fifth book about Olivia and her loving family that Ian Falconer has written and illustrated. While Olivia, her little brother, Ian, and the baby are waiting for Santa, Olivia decides to help with Christmas.  There are presents to wrap, ornaments to hang on the tree, snowpigs to build…But what mischief and mayhem will she get up to this time?  The results are both disastrous and funny. Nothing stops Olivia. She makes one mess after another as she cheerfully creates havoc while “helping” her parents.

olivia (Medium)


You can visit Olivia the Pig’s website here


The Melbourne tradition of the Myer Christmas Windows began in 1956. This was the year of the Melbourne Olympics and also the year television was introduced to Melbourne. Fred Asmussen created this special tradition through his vision to provide something magical for the people of Melbourne during the Christmas holidays.

Throughout the years, the Myer Christmas Windows have delighted and thrilled generations of children and adults alike. The many and varied themes have included much loved Fairy Tales, famous Childrens’ books, and themes from the Ballet and Opera.

The Myer Christmas Windows are open:

Daily 7.30am to 1am.

6th November 2009 to 4 January 2010

What do you like about the Myer Christmas Windows?  Do you have a favourite one that you have seen?


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