0 thoughts on “SMOT’s Illustrator Gallery

  1. Hey, Matthew here!

    Those pictures look totally AWESOME!!!!
    If I were to rate them it would be 100/10 for all of them!

    See ya! Matthew F

  2. I am going to try to put a pic in and I hope its gonna be a good one!!!

    Love all your pics and I hope we could have more people put in their pics!!!!

    Remember, stop talking,and keep drawing!!!

    Jen 3By 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    Awsome pictures. I don’t know which picture
    to choose. What will you draw if you had to draw something?

    Taylor 2D

  4. Hey guys

    WOW what great illustrations! You guys have some real talent. I really enjoyed watching your pictures. If i was to rate them I would give them all 100 out of 100 they are so good!

    from Madison 5s

  5. Hi,

    I didn’t know there were such great drawers in the school. They are all great drawers. I would give them all a 200/200.

    From Matt C

  6. Hey Guys
    What excellent artists we have at our school! I’m impressed. I would be so proud If I had drawn one of those! Great work guys!
    from Katherine 6ac

  7. Hey Maddie
    That bunny is so good. You are a great drawing, and all the others are SSSSOOOOOOOOO good you should be proud.

    From Kathleen

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