Mrs Stewart's Learning Journey

Mrs Stewart has left on her 5 week Learning Journey and we hope she has a wonderful time making lots of new discoveries as she travels to other countries. 

Mrs Stewart and Ms Tieppo will be at  Thinking Conference in Malaysia this week.  Mrs Stewart is very excited about listening to and possibly meeting three of her favourite thinking gurus, Edward de Bono (The Six Thinking Hats), Tony Buzan (Mind Maps) and Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences).  Mrs Stewart will also be presenting a paper so we wish her GOOD LUCK! Mrs Stewart and Ms Tieppo will have lots of ideas about thinking to share with us when they return!

Mrs Stewart will travel with Mr Stewart after the conference to lots of different places including London, Paris, Ireland, Iona which is an island off Scotland and to Turkey and Gallipoli.  We hope she might have time to send some comments to our blog while she is away.


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0 thoughts on “Mrs Stewart's Learning Journey

  1. Thanks Miss Yeomans for the section on your LRC blog. I wonder how you got that photo.

    Today we went for an early morning walk in the park opposite our hotel before breakfast. There is a running track inside the park. The gardens are very green and there’s lots of beautiful plants including frangapani trees. After breakfast we went and registered for the conference. We are within walking distance to the conference.

    Another thing we did today was to walk to the Petronas Towers. They are 2 very large towers in the centre of the city. There is a walkway that joins them. As you need tickets to go up the towers and on to the walkway we made a note to do it another day. They only issue the tickets between 8am and 9am each morning. Next to the towers there is a GIGANTIC shopping centre. We went into lots of shops before going off on another adventure to find the KL tower; it looks like the tower in Canberra. We were queued up ready to go on a Forest in the City walk to see monkeys and frogs but the weather changed from sunny to wet. We actually got very wet walking back to the hotel, however it was still warm so we dried off in a few minutes..after all our exploring we are very tired and ready for an early night. We want to be wide awake for the conference tomorrow.

    Mrs Stewart

  2. Hi Mrs Stewart,
    How is your holiday. Mine was great. I searched
    my ipod and found out what time it was in Asia.
    I read your comment and it sounded interesting.
    Say hi to Ms Tieppo for me. See you at school.

    Taylor 2D

  3. Bon Jour from beautiful Paris. we have been very busy exploring cultural and historical places including the Louvre, Versailles and Monet’s garden. Today we did lots of walking along the Seine to get to the place where the Bastille is remembered with a huge monument. Paris has many beautiful gardens.

  4. Wow Mrs Stewart is sure having a fantastic time. She will be full of new experiences to share with us on her return.

  5. This morning we fly out from London. We visited many places in London, which is the smallest capital city, by area, in the world. Some of the places were London Tower, Tower bridge, Greenwhich where the meridan time is set, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Gardens and Hyde Park. Last night we went to see Billy Elliott. The dancing was fantastic.
    Good bye to London.
    Mrs Stewart

  6. This morning we left London to travel to Ireland. Our first stop is Dublin where the faces look like many of the faces from St Martin’s. When I think about Dublin I remember the song
    “In Dublin’s fair city,
    where the girls are so pretty,
    I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,
    As she wheeled her wheel-barrow,
    Through streets broad and narrow,
    Crying, “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!”
    When we walked in the main street we saw a magnificent life sized brass statue of Molly Malone. There is also a magnificent park in the centre of the city. On the lake half a dozen large white swans were swimming and fluffing their feathers. The school children in Ireland are on holidays for 2 months. It is their summer time and the end of their schol year. They have many old churches, cobbled footpaths and walls built from rocks. Because of the high rainfall their parks are very lush. Off to Galway tomorrow.

  7. Hi Mrs Stewart

    Thanks for updating your comments on our blog. We can see your dots on our ClustrMap…it’s very exciting!

    We feel like we are travelling with you!

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  8. We are leaving Ireland early tomorrow, Monday morning. The pace in Ireland is much slower and there are thousands of picturesque towns to explore. Everywhere the gardens and fields are lush and green. The people are friendly. Their faces look familiar to those of the people in Australia; it’s not until you hear the Irish accent that you realise they are Irish. The children learn Irish and English at school. The road signs are written in Irish and English. The schools break up for 2 and a half months for their summer holidays. The sports played in Ireland are Hurling, Soccer, Irish Football and Rugby. Today there was a national grand final of Hurling. Music and dancing are enjoyed in all parts of Ireland. There are many old castles around Ireland. Often when travelling round Ireland the roads are narrow and windy. It is not uncommon to see sheep and cattle grazing by the roadsides in the country. During summer in Ireland the sun rises at 5am and sets at 10pm. I recommend a trip to Ireland because it is a beautiful county with a rich history and bright happy music and dancing.

  9. Tonight we leave Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. The buildings here are very old and grand. No tall high rises or modern looking buildings. Yesterday we walked the Royal Mile. There is a Palace at one end and Edinburgh Castle at the other end. We got soaking wet yesterday but the sun is out this morning. This is summer in Scotland and the weather isn’t as hot as we get in Australia, only a top of 25c in Summer. No airconditioning needed but lots of heating is required because even in summer it’s very cool at night. Off to Turkey tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Gallipoli. Love Mrs Stewart

  10. This morning we had to be up by 4am to go to the airport to travel to Turkey. Today we are staying in Istanbul where we join a group to have a guided tour round Turkey and Gallipoli. The number of people who live in Istanbul is the same as the total number of people in Australia. It is a very crowded city but the people are friendly. They like saying hello to us. Not many of them can speak English and fortunately the signs are written in English as well as their language. Istanbul has a magnificent harbour. The men and boys all jump from the large boulders to go into the water for a swim. There is no sand like our beautiful beaches in Australia. Tomorrow I will ask the tour guide why the girls and women do not go in for a swim. Lots of men fish from the rocks and there are a lot of fishing boats. The streets are narrow and steep down to the ocean with cobbled roads which make it difficult to walk.

    The children are all on school holidays so I can’t visit a school to see if their school is similar to ours. I met a girl who is turning 11 tomorrow and I asked her parents if she could show my email address to her teacher so we could communicate via email. This girl could speak English. I met her waiting to board the plane to go to Istanbul. As well as fishing, swimming and getting mussels the boys like to play soccer. I will write another entry after the tour to Gallipoli.

    Mrs Stewart

  11. I woke this morning to clear blue skies. There is no wind or breeze and Istanbul is expecting a top of 39 degrees today. Today we start our long plane trip home to Melbourne. We leave Istanbul at noon today, Saturday. Thye plane is scheduled to touch down in Melbourne at 8pm tomorrow, Sunday. It’s 23 hours of flying time because you need to subtract the time difference.

    Turkey is a friendly country. When travelling across this vast country not only can you travel from the east to the west and change continents you can also see the lush crops of tomatoes, peaches, apples, sugar cane, corn, beans, lettuce, rocket, parsley, cucumber, cherries apricots, eggplants, spinach,silver beet, sunflowers, olives and citrus fruits. Enough food is grown to feed the whole country. Along the shores the Turkish people love to fish and cook their catch. They enjoy eating sunflower seeds and other nuts. They drink lots of tea including apple flavour as well as normal black tea. It is served in small glasses.

    I will miss waking up to blue sunny skies and having hot weather during the day and night but I am looking forward to seeing my home and school families. Enjoy your weekend.

    Mrs Stewart

  12. Welcome back Mrs Stewart we are having a great time in Alice Springs. See you soon.

    Alistair and Liam

  13. Hi Mrs Stewart,

    Welcome back to St Martins. I hope you have a
    great time.

    Taylor 2d

  14. Dear Alistair and Liam
    It’s great reading you’ve been on a holiday to Alice Springs. As I haven’t travelled to Alice Springs I would like you to tell me what you discovered there. I wonder if you went to Uluru and whether you flew or went by car.
    Thanks for adding to the blog.
    Mrs Stewart

  15. Dear Taylor
    Thanks for the welcome back message on the blog. I wonder whether you spend time reading and corresponding to other people via a blog. What sites do you enjoy investigating on the internet?
    Mrs Stewart

  16. Hi Mrs Stewart,

    I enjoy going on the Charlie and Lola site, Go Girl
    site and many other websites. Nice to hear from

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Taylor 2D

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