The 100th country has visited our LRC Blog

On March 29th last year I added a Flag Counter to our LRC Blog as a way of seeing who visited our LRC Blog.  When a person from a country first visits our blog their country flag is added to our counter. The Flag Counter then shows how many visits we have  from each country.  We have enjoyed watching the flags appear on the various continents and been amazed that people in other parts of the world visit our blog!  It is exciting to see that our LRC doesn’t have four walls anymore because we can share what we do with people around the world through our LRC Blog!!

This is a picture of the flags representing the countries that have visited our blog…


Click on the picture to make it bigger

 Today our 100th country visited our LRC Blog!

Our 100th visitor was from Lebanon and they visited our Wimp Yourself blog post!

Thank you to all of the people who have visited our LRC Blog!


10,000 visits to our LRC Blog!

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Our LRC Blog started on March 25th, 2009 and we have now had 10,000 visits!! 

It is very exciting to see how many people have visited our LRC Blog.  Our ClustrMap and Flag Counter show us that we now have visitors from lots of different countries.  

Thank you to all of the people who visit our blog and especially those who keep coming back to see what we do in our LRC or to find out about their favourite books, authors and illustrators.  Thank you too to the people who take the time to leave a comment – we love hearing from you!

We made it to 4000 visits – just!

This morning when I logged onto our LRC blog I was excited to see that overnight we had our 4000th visitor.  Our Clustrmap goes back to zero dots at the end of 12 months (Tomorrow!) and we wanted to reach 4000 visits before the dots disappeared.  We did it with a day up our sleeve!! 

Here is a screen capture of our Clustrmap – click on the picture to make it bigger!

clustr_map_2010 (Medium) 

3000 visits!

Exciting news…

Our ClustrMap shows that we have reached free glitter text and family website at visits on our LRC Blog page!!  We had hoped we might reach 3000 before the end of the year and we have achieved our goal! A BIG thanks to all of those people who have visited our LRC Blog!  It is exciting to see that we are getting visitors from other countries as well as teachers and students from our school who have visited our blog when on holidays in other countries.  A BIG thanks to Mrs Viola who is responsible for all of the dots in Italy!!