4VL's Scienceworks Sleepover

On Thursday, November 11th, Grade 4VL  headed off to their class sleepover at Scienceworks.  They took Mrs Van, Mrs Cocks, Miss Caruso, Mr Thomas and Mrs Stewart with them on their exciting adventure.   The evening began with Fish ‘n Chips at Williamstown and they returned to go to the Planetarium later in the evening.  On Friday they explored Scienceworks and then 4VL met Signora Conte at Lygon Street for lunch.

 You can read all about it below with Marysa, Stephanie and Monica


4VL’s Scienceworks sleepover adventures….

Spotlight on 1E


I think that the E in 1E must stand for ENTHUSIASTIC!  The students in1E are very enthusiastic borrowers at our LRC.  Recently they have enjoyed sharing some of the things they have done after reading books they have borrowed.

Lucas R started it when he brought a photo of a science experiment he had done after borrowing one of our Science books.  This inspired Marc R who did a Dissolving Experiment and brought his photo of some of the things he dissolved including some sugar, coffee and oil.  Can you see what happened?



Lachlan B has been enjoying the Boy vs Beast books and website and he brought in three beasts he created on the Boy vs Beast website.  He called them Toothy, Face and a Half and Armour Dragon.  I don’t think I’d like to battle against  Armour Dragon who has two heads!!

Armour Dragon

 Face and a Half 


LRC Spotlight – Grade One

LRC_spotlight (Small)

The LRC Spotlight  is on the Grade One students who have been learning how to borrow books in the Non Fiction or Information section of the LRC.   They have been practising how to use Place Markers. In our LRC you use a Place Marker to mind the Non Fiction book’s place on the shelf  while you have a look at the book.  If you don’t want to borrow the book the Place Marker reminds you where to put it back so the next person can find it.

Our Place Markers are really rulers BUT they have been sprayed with gold paint and transformed into Place Markers.  Each Place Marker has a number so you know which is yours.  This is handy if there are lots of people using their Place Markers in the same section – so you don’t accidentally remove their Place Marker!!

Here are Joel and Oscar showing you how to use a Place Marker.  They are in the Sport section which is a very popular section of Non Fiction.  With the AFL season only a week away the footy books are already in demand!



LRC Spotlight – Our New Preps

LRC_spotlight (Small) 

We are going to add a new section to our blog called the LRC Spotlight.  We can use the LRC Spotlight to highlight what is happening in our LRC by shining it on a particular level, grade or student or to highlight an event or activities in the LRC.

This LRC Spotlight is on our three Prep Classes PC, PJC and PCV who had their first classes in the LRC this week.  The Preps met our special book called The Storykeeper who holds our story to read each week.  Each Prep student chose a book they would like to borrow, remembered to turn their book to the back to the barcode  and then scanned their own book using our scanner (very exciting!!)  They then placed their book carefully into their Library bag to take home to read with mum and dad. 

The Preps were VERY proud of themselves and I was VERY impressed!  

I was also excited to see some of our Preps like Declan and Harry who have been borrowing from our LRC as pre-schoolers…they were  experts with the scanner!!

 prep_borrowing (Small) 

mission_accomplished (Small) 

 Congratulations Preps and welcome to our LRC!