LRC Update

The LRC is on it’s way to becoming “the place to be” once again…

I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that our LRC is beginning to look a lot like itself again after our Christmas Flood!

The plasterers have fixed the ceilings in the Picture Book section and the office.  The painters need to paint the ceilings and new skirting boards.  Keep your fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long for the carpet tiles so we can return the shelving and books to the Picture Book section and the Circulation Desk can be put back in.

The saddest part for me has been going through the damaged books and seeing so many of our “favourites”  as well as much anticipated new books with water damage or mould on them.  I hope Ward Sagar will be able to help us replace as many books as possible so we can continue to read and enjoy them.

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Our LRC Christmas Flood

Our school motto is “Non Recuso Laborem” – I do not refuse the task.  

This morning  was a wonderful example of people coming together to help and not refusing the task when our new LRC was flooded by the Melbourne storms yesterday on Christmas Day…

It was so heartbreaking to walk in and see the damage that had happened to our beautiful new library space and there were tears.   However, at the same time is was  wonderful to have so many of our school staff and their families and friends and people from our parish come in and lend a hand to to help clean up our LRC…how lucky we are to belong to such a special school community that comes together to embrace life’s challenges!  

Thank you all so much….from the bottom of my heart!

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Today I said to Miss Chiodi as we were moving piles of books – “Remember when the Story Chair was delivered with a broken leg and you said “Now the Story Chair has a story”?   I said,  “Well now our LRC has a story too!”    

It’s going to be a story with a happy ending… 


Year Fours’ Bedtime Story in the LRC

Last night our three Year 4 classes had a sleepover at school…

The Year 4 students arrived back at school at 5.30pm to  christen our new school BBQ.  After dinner there was time to play games on Bottom Yard and spend time with friends before heading into the GECCO (Hall) to snuggle up in sleeping bags and watch a video.

After cleaning  their teeth, at 10pm the Year 4s quietly crept up the stairs in the moonlight to the LRC where Miss Y was waiting  to read them a Bedtime Story…

The LRC looked very different at night with only a few lights on.  It felt a bit magical with the Story Chair there and it was cosy and inviting.  The Grade 4s made themselves comfortable…

We began, much to everyone’s delight with a few pages from the newly released Cabin Fever, the latest book in the Diary of  Wimpy Kid series.  (Thanks to Jack W who had bought a copy for Miss Y that very day!!)

Then Miss Y read the story Pizza Cake from Morris Gleitzman’s latest book of ten funny short stories called Pizza Cake.  It’s a great story about a boy called Glenn who thanks to his grandfather, uses “pizza cake” to help him to feel brave whenever he is scared.  The toppings Glenn had on his Pizza Cake had many of the student’s mouths watering!  Thanks to Pizza Cake, Glenn can bravely face menacing bowlers in cricket  and stand up and do public speaking in front of a large audience.  He shares his bravery secret with his friend Dougal only to make an unexpected discovery about his grandfather.  The story has a great twist at the end!

Thank you Grade 4s for letting me read to you in the LRC…I hope I can do it again next year with some of our other classes during our National Year of Reading!!

What lollies and sweet toppings would you put on your Pizza Cake?

The LRC is OFFICIALLY open for business

Today was an exciting day when our new BER building was officially opened by Federal Minister, Jenny Macklin. 

Mrs Stewart and Mr Thomas proudly showed Jenny Macklin our new Grade 6 learning spaces, Computer Lab and LRC.  The whole school celebrated together in the GECCO with instrumental music and singing from our students led by Mrs Hobbs our Music teacher.  Today was a day to celebrate and thank the many people who made our new building possible…especially Mrs Stewart and Mr Thomas who work so hard to ensure we have such a fabulous school!!

The photographer from the local paper took some photos of Jenny Macklin in the LRC so I took some too!  Jenny loved our Story Chair and I thought “Library Lion” would be the perfect book for her to read…

Some lucky children had their photo taken with Jenny too….

The LRC is the Place to be!

After two years waiting for our new LRC to be built we have now moved into our new home.  Our new BER building we be officially opened tomorrow, November 10th.

It has definitely been worth the wait….

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What do you like best about our new LRC?