Meeting Judith Rossell

Judith Rossell‘s books Withering- by-Sea and Wormwood Mire are wonderfully mysterious books set in Victorian England whose main character is an 11 year old orphan called Stella. They have been very popular books in our library this term! I mentioned to one of our Year 5 students that Judith was going to be be at Federation Square and was thrilled that she went in with her family to meet Judith for herself. You can read her guest blog post below…

Meeting Judith Rossell
(student guest post)

On February 26th, children’s author Judith Rossell was at Federation Square and I was lucky enough to meet her, get my books signed and I had a photo taken with her. Judith has been researching about schools in the 1880’s for her next book. She was asking my brother and I for our opinion about what we would like to read about in her next book. One of her questions was if we thought Stella [the main character] should go to a nice school or a strict school? We said the strict school!

Judith Rossell is a very friendly person, her books are very interesting and I definitely recommend them.

Now we are looking forward to Judith’s third book to see what happens to Stella next and if she ends up going to a strict school…