Who is your Reading Super Hero?

Do you know a Reading Super Hero?
Is it someone in your family or even in your class?  
Is it your closest friend, or maybe it could be you?

A Reading Super Hero knows the power of reading and reads every day…

To celebrate our National Year of Reading, Scholastic and Marvel are running  a competition to find Australia’s Greatest Reading Super Hero and you might like to enter here at Reading Superhero Competition.

Tell them in 25 words or less who your Reading Super Hero is and you could win an  amazing National or State prize!   The most creative and fun answers will win.   The competition ends on August 3rd, 2012.

To get you thinking I’ve written a little  something…

A Reading Super Hero is
a Teacher-Librarian
Daily reading books with kids
Creating a “Reading Heaven”

 If you decide to enter the competition we would love you to share your entry with us in the Comments section  

Congratulations Alex!

Alex from 4V brought a visitor to the LRC during the week.  It was her very own Wild Thing!  Alex had entered  a colouring competition at Toys R Us for Where the Wild Things Are and  she won!  Alex won her own very cute and cuddly Wild Thing as well as a copy of the book by Maurice Sendak and a DVD of the movie.  

Alex (Medium)


Congratulations Alex!  🙂 

Megs "Vootball" Competition

There is a competition being held to  celebrate the launch of the  latest book in the Megs Morrison “Vootball” series called Megs and the Wonder Strike.

You can win a signed copy of Megs and the Wonder Strike and a signed Mark Schwarzer football shirt!  The winner will also win a signed set of Megs books for their school, as well as a signed football for the school’s next fundraising raffle.  Three runners up will win a signed copy of Megs and the Wonder Strike for themselves and their school. 

Just visit the Megs Morrison website and answer a simple question…

Please note – to enter the competition you need to join the Fan Club – check with your parents BEFORE you add any information.



Well done Charlotte in 1E who already has her own copy of Megs and the Wonder Strike because she ordered her copy online from the Megs website!


We won the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Another exciting piece of news – after school today I received a message to say that out of 105 entries, Haruna in 3BY won the Hungry Caterpillar colouring competition with her entry!!  Haruna went to a lot of trouble with not only carefully colouring her picture, but also patiently cutting out pieces of coloured wool and sticking them on her caterpillar and the sun!  What a creative person you are Haruna!  This is her entry below.



The judges’ comment about Haruna’s work was “A creative use of mixed media, colour and pattern, but also good technique”. We are very grateful that Haruna entered the competition on behalf of our LRC so the Very Hungry Caterpillar will be able to live in the Fiction area of our new LRC.

You might like to congratulate and thank Haruna when you see her.  We will thank Haruna  and the 37 other children who entered the competition officially at assembly next Tuesday.

Click here to see the judging at Readings bookshop.  You might recognise some more of our entries.  What a hard job to choose a winner out of so many entries!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar entries

I have made an Animoto video of some of the entries I have received so far for the Very Hungry Caterpillar competition.  Thank you VERY much to the 38 children who have entered on behalf of our LRC!  I think it will be a very difficult decision for the judges at Readings bookshop!!!  Keep your fingers crossed that one of our entries might win the beautiful hungry caterpillar for our LRC….

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.